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April 17, 2014

EasyVista To Revolutionize Codeless Service Management

Launches of EV|ServiceManager, EV|ServiceApps and EV|Click2Get and the next generation of EV|Neo as the codeless dynamic orchestrator of service management.  

New York, 17th April 2014 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions, has launched a revolutionary suite of solutions that allow IT to radically build a new front office customer experience as well streamlining and automating back office IT management.

EasyVista is increasingly winning business from vendors who provide hard-coded, high-administration solutions. Customers now want a solution that delivers new services and a storefront that can be rapidly realized and easily administered. This launch will decimate IT costs, facilitate an increased delivery to business needs and empower IT to transform customer interfaces and applications.

ev|ServiceManager is the workflow and asset management engine that facilitates the process requirements found in best practice, whether ITIL or ISO, to provide the functional components for IT service management, financial management, project management and the consolidation of organizational and customer service.

ev|ServiceApps is the presentation engine that transforms IT by meeting the demands of business for a service experience which is familiar, easy-to-use and mobile. Being able to abstract and present services in a familiar interface increases self-service effectiveness and responsive delivery.

For example, design and deliver a service catalog with a consumerized look and feel that needs no training or introduction or present business value metrics through customized dashboards for individual decision support. ev|ServiceApps provides design templates that allow quick generation of stylized, location-based services for end-users and customers.
Global research firm, Aberdeen Group, believes organizations that modernize service delivery with a store-fronted IT service catalog will see a 7.9% increase in SLA achievement.

ev|Click2Get is the on-demand delivery engine that turns a Service Catalog into a Service Store. Users of corporate IT are increasingly mobile and remote and ‘broadcast’ methods of software distribution, today, simply fail IT and end-users. The ability to download software as and when needed, click and get, minimizes disruption to the end-user. Native integration to EasyVista software license management with the profile of the requestor delivers compliant end-to-end lifecycle management.

ev|Neo is the design and orchestration platform embedded in all EasyVista products. Neo Design enables the realization of the complete service supply chain, from customer experience through workflow to lifecycle management. Neo Connect allows for codeless integration across all EasyVista engines into traditional IT datasources, New IT Apps (Twitter, Google etc.) and a range of business applications and services. All services are delivered through familiar and stylized interfaces.

“EasyVista solutions already transform the delivery of services in organizations and enterprises across the world, from every industry. Typically we remove the complexity of legacy enterprise providers and extend capabilities to all service management disciplines with a much lower cost of ownership’, commented Andrew White, EVP and General Manager of EasyVista. ‘This launch delivers the presentation layer so sought after by the business and end-users, where services and information are accessible through familiar interfaces and apps. Where a Service Store can be built like Amazon to broker the services of many 3rd party enterprise solutions and systems and parse the information logically into services as apps.”

EasyVista customers have access to these new engines within the Company’s CSN Communities and prospective customers will be introduced to the products by their account management teams. More information is available from www.easyvista.com.

In instances where customers cannot spare the administration resource EasyVista will lay-out a turnkey project scope, led by its own implementation consultants.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing