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June 22, 2017

EMA Research Co-Sponsored by EasyVista Finds IT Service Management is Becoming a Hub of Innovation

EMA’s Next Generation IT Service Management Report Validates EasyVista’s Product Strategy of Providing Superior User Experiences and Intuitive Self-Service Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY – June 22, 2017 — EasyVista Inc., a leading provider of service management for IT organizations, announced that key findings from EMA’s Next Generation IT Service Management: Changing the Future of IT report (co-sponsored by EasyVista) mirrors EasyVista’s own belief that the service desk is assuming an increasingly strategic role in the enterprise. It also supports EasyVista’s thesis that excellent user experience and simple, intuitive self-service are essential to achieving wide adoption among users.

EMA, a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, surveyed 264 companies across North America and Europe on a range of subjects related to ITSM. They found that the industry is breaking away from its reputation as outdated, reactive and inefficient to become a focal point for innovation.

“In many organizations, ITSM is becoming a hub of innovation unifying IT across its many silos. ITSM promotes and measures IT efficiencies, consolidating insights critical for IT-to-business planning—a must for digital transformation and IT more broadly,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of EMA and author of the research.

“We’re excited to see EMA’s validation of what we are also seeing in the market,” said Jamal Labed, COO of EasyVista. “There is a palpable shift in the way companies view the role of ITSM. The service desk has expanded well beyond traditional IT support to become a destination for all kinds of services, many of which are based entirely on self-service. EasyVista customers are perfectly positioned to transform their service desk into a center of innovation.”

Strategic Priority: User Experience Enhanced by Mobility, Self-Service and Intelligent Bots

Many of EMA’s research findings pointed to end user experience being a top priority. In particular:

  • Improving end user experience was listed as the top strategic priority, with 31% of respondents placing it as #1.
  • Also, when asked for the single greatest priority, internal user experience came out on top.
  • The second most frequently selected greatest single priority was the choice that combined mobility, self-service and intelligent bots.
  • When asked which functional capabilities would be most important this year, over 22% of respondents listed social IT across the end user community and ITSM staff, making it the top choice in this category.

“The number of responses to varied questions that all pointed to user experience as the Holy Grail was striking,” said Drogseth. “While improving end user experience received the most responses as the strategic priority, the combined choice of mobility, self-service and intelligent bots—all core to user experience—appeared equally high on priorities. Furthermore, social IT, another core function enabling user experience, was listed as the most important functional capability by respondents.”

“User experience is not simply about making things easy, it’s about creating an end-to-end experience that resembles what users have grown accustomed to in their lives outside of work—an experience that is second nature and requires no training,” said Labed. “This isn’t, however, going to be solved with just one technology. Instead, a mixture of support for mobility, social collaboration, intelligent bots and self-service is required to deliver the seamless user experience expected by today’s business users.”

To download EMA’s report, please click here.

About EasyVista

EasyVista simplifies IT Service Management by making it easy to deliver and easy to use for today’s enterprise. EasyVista’s service management platform was created to help companies automate and personalize service delivery to improve IT efficiency and increase staff productivity. Today, EasyVista helps 1,000+ enterprises around the world radically improve service user experience, dramatically simplify and accelerate service creation, and reduce the total cost of IT service delivery. EasyVista serves companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, higher education, technology, public sector, retail, manufacturing and more. Headquartered in New York and Paris, EasyVista is a rapidly growing global company backed by leading venture capitalists, and traded as ALEZV:EN.

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