Industries are not the same. While some business services may be common across most industries many are different. Different industries, and different companies, need different things beyond simply services, including: service levels, integrations, governance structures, and security. We at EasyVista understand this fact and built flexibility into our platform to ensure you are able to easily, without coding, configure the platform to your specific needs. Further, we’ve built a number of key templates specific to individual industries to give you the quick start you need to start reaping value day one.


IT Service Management

EasyVista leverages the ITIL best practice framework and is PinkVerified™ across 11 different ITIL processes, proving our commitment to industry best practice standards.

Employee Services

EasyVista is purpose-built as a mobile-first experience and extends across a spectrum of functional business areas, including Human Resources, Facilities/Operations, Finance, Sales/Marketing and more.

Clients Services

EasyVista extends beyond your company, to include your customers and your vendors.  Allowing services that include every aspect of your business to be created easily.



Manage technology services for students, faculty, and staff providing self-service support, quick service resolution and instant availability.

Public Sector

Deliver, manage, and support technology services as unique as the people you service, without sacrificing security or ease of use.


Provide customer services and patient care in a digital world with a solution tailored to the healthcare industry.


From bricks to clicks, support the always on and always available model your customers demand.



Ensure your customer experience with bullet-proof security, segregated data, and customized workflows and portals.

Financial Services

When it comes to money, your customers demand access anytime, anywhere. Any IT service downtime that impacts customers can be catastrophic, so the ability to manage and respond to issues regardless of the time or the location of the technical expert is essential.


As an organization in the energy sector, technology is the backbone of your business. Ensure services are always available, and that users have access to their services wherever they are, is a need to have, not a nice to have.


Enable your IT team to support the entire value-chain from suppliers to customers, with service assurance and instant information access anytime, anywhere.


As a media and communications business your landscape is always changing, and your need to provide new services never ends. Quickly build and deploy new compelling services in minutes with drag-and-drop technology.


In the services sector, customer service is king and increasingly customers are turning to mobile as their preferred way to learn about and get services. Improve your customer and employee’s experiences by delivering services through their preferred medium – mobile.