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Troy Ayuso | July 05, 2023

Asset Management for the Remote Workplace

Proper asset management is vital for the success of any company—in technical and non-technical areas. Assets are resources that hold a current or future business value (property, cash, investments, art) for an organization or individual. IT asset management (ITAM) refers to the deployment, maintenance, tracking, and disposal of IT-related assets (hardware, software systems, and information).  

One advantage in-person companies have over remote companies is that it’s slightly easier to track and maintain their computers, servers, and other tech devices. It’s not a fully smooth ride, but it definitely comes with less bumps and hiccups. For remote companies, unless the right systems and processes are in place, it’s hard to access the whole picture—data in need of updating, software in need of renewing, and budgets. This is where cloud-based ITAM software becomes important. With proper asset management from cloud based ITAM software, remote companies can reduce their security and data risks, and increase their long-term ROI. 


Every company worries about the security of their data and systems—internal and external facing. Add in the fact of being a fully remote company, and it’s even more difficult to connect systems, keep track of budgets, and oversee software lifecycles. This is why IT asset management is crucial. ITAM software alerts IT employees of certifications in need of updating, contracts in maintenance, stock management, and renewals needed. This reduces the business risks associated with software out of compliance, product shortages, and interrupted device communication. With proper IT asset management, more effective incident and problem management—one with an emphasis on ease of use for moving, adding, and changing configurations—is possible. 

Data Accuracy 

Data from IT devices needs to be as accurate as possible. Part of the reason companies spend so much on high-end software programs and state-of-the-art technology devices is to 1. empower their workers with the best tools, and 2. keep their data clean and accurate. Wherever humans are involved, there’s always a risk of errors occurring, whether it’s from the distraction of a coworker or the inputting data in the wrong spreadsheet cell after 2 hours. ITAM reduces errors in data collected throughout the life cycle of an asset. Not only is the data tracked and stored more reliable thanks to ITAM software, but it also saves employees time–less double-checking and spreadsheet updating. The best part? The data collected can be trusted and used from the start. Set up any integrations and keep working. 

Top-of-the-line asset management software and processes for your remote company enable you to worry less about the small, minute issues, and more about the world-changing ideas and human interactions necessary for your job. Keep track of certifications and licenses to ensure security compliance, know when computers need to be backed up, anticipate downtime, and keep data clean. The upfront fee may be higher for robust asset management software, but the ROI from the time and money saved searching for licenses and double-checking 50,000 cell spreadsheets, more than pays off in the long run. Spend the money now for peace of mind with trustworthy ITAM software or risk the chance of errors costing thousands (or millions)? 

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Troy Ayuso

My extensive 12+ years of Service Management experience enables me to successfully find ways to add value, drive increased ROI, and architect innovative and successful solutions.