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Loïc Besnard | July 27, 2022

How the 4 Dimensions of ITIL Are Portrayed in the New Thor Movie

ITIL is a set of best practices for IT service management. Believe it or not, superhero movies, like the new “Thor: Love and Thunder” movie, are great examples of the ITIL stages in action. Let’s take a closer look at how the 4 dimensions of ITIL are portrayed in Marvel’s new Thor movie! 

Consider this your official spoiler alert for "Thor: Love and Thunder" if you haven’t yet seen the movie. We'll be discussing major plot points and characters in this blog!


As any IT professional knows, ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Over time it has evolved into something much bigger than its original intent: A framework used by businesses around the world when designing their own management processes and problem-solving! In its latest iteration, ITIL 4 is broken into four dimensions of ITIL. 

  • Organizations and People
  • Information and Technology
  • Partners and Suppliers
  • Value Streams and Processes



The ITIL dimension Organizations and People is the first dimension that a business must address when implementing an IT service management framework. This includes understanding how internal teams are structured, how their roles fit into the overall organization, and how they interact with each other.

The key organizations and people found in "Thor: Love and Thunder" include (you guessed it) Thor and Jane Foster (AKA Mighty Thor). But, just like in an IT department, the team usually is made of more than just two superheroes doing the heavy lifting. We can also consider Valkyrie and Korg as part of the organizations and people in the new Thor movie as both play a vital role in the team’s success in their mission of rescuing the kidnapped children and defeating Gorr. 

Information and Technology

The ITIL 4 dimension Information and Technology is likely exactly what you think it is. It's all about making sure that the information available to your organization is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. 

In "Thor: Love and Thunder," this dimension is represented through the combined knowledge of Thor and Valkyrie’s knowledge of the 9 Realms and Gods when attempting to gather an army of Gods in Omnipotence to defeat Gorr. We also see Information and technology represented in Jane’s knowledge of astrophysics when the team uses Thor’s ax, Stormbringer, an Asgardian boat, and the screaming goats to travel through space. If it weren’t for the team's knowledge and willingness to share their information with each other, they would've never made progress toward saving the Asgardian children. 

Partners and suppliers

The next dimension of ITIL is Partners and Suppliers. This dimension’s focus is related to the external entities and organizations that play a vital role in a business's success. While we’ve already identified the IT department as the Organizations and People (or, in this case, our team of superheroes), we’re now looking at what other players outside of the core organization are contributing to success.

Through collaboration and coordination with Mjolnir, Stormbringer, the Asgardian children, Jane’s doctors, and even the two screaming goats, the team is able to save the day and defeat Gorr in the name of love. 

Value Streams and Processes

The fourth dimension of ITIL V4 introduces the Service Value Chain, which plays a major role in defining how the delivery process works together to create value. In short, the Value Streams and Processes dimension of ITIL defines the steps needed and how each item works together to achieve success.

We can see this dimension explored in Thor: Love and Thunder through the team’s frequent collaboration during times of conflict or suspense (approaching Zeus to request the god’s support against Gorr). This can also be seen when Jane’s cancer gets worse and needs to be hospitalized. Thor uses the information and tools existing in the workflow to adapt a new plan. Jane then refers to her own morals, or standard operating procedures for business success, and adapts her plan accordingly to help Thor fight for love and rescue the Asgardian children.


Are you an IT Superhero?

While we may not wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, we can still strive to provide super-hero quality service. For more information on how you can become an ITIL superhero like Thor, contact our team today! 


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Loïc Besnard

Loïc Besnard serves as Senior Director of Product Marketing and Head Technical Evangelist at EasyVista. Besnard served as Global Pre-Sales Director of EasyVista until January 2017. He joined EasyVista in 2009 and is responsible for EasyVista’s worldwide pre-sales engineering strategy. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and international technical sales, Besnard supports EasyVista’s growth, international development and technical sales operations.