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Evan Carlson | May 31, 2023

Why ITOM Visibility Matters

ITOM Visibility Matters, Here’s Why  

In today’s hyper-connected world where technology is being used more than ever to power organizations, it’s critical your organization can see all of the applications and services used across departments. Add in the surge of remote work, this is getting increasingly difficult to do.  

This is exactly why IT Operations Management (ITOM) visibility matters even more. ITOM visibility is the ability to see all IT assets within an organization – routers, applications, servers, computers, software – and the critical business services they support. The visibility provides insights into how the assets are performing and how they’re being used. This information is vital for understanding the overall health of your IT organization. With this information, you can make smarter decisions about where to focus your efforts to improve performance and troubleshoot issues – ideally before they occur. In this article, we will explore the three biggest reasons why ITOM visibility matters and the impacts it can have on your company.  

1. Test New Updates  

With so many monitoring tools being used throughout organizations, it's difficult to know how each piece and part will be impacted from a software or server change. ITOM visibility gives you the access you need. Your IT team can see how individual components actually respond and won’t have to rely on an assumption. Extensive mapping tools outline component relationships and their dependencies  to let you test solutions before they’re implemented. In the end, you’ll have less hiccups when ramping up new software or servers.  

2. Resolve Issues Faster 

By understanding how every application in your tech stack relates to one another, you can reduce the time it takes to respond to security threats and diagnose service outages. Not only will this increase your customer satisfaction rates, but it will also increase employee productivity and reduce operational costs – re-focusing attention on higher-priority tasks.  

3. Worry-free data storage 

Keep your data consistent, accurate, and up to date without doing a thing. ITOM visibility enables you to build workflows to alert you of soon-to-be-expired certificates and then set up automatic renewals. Additionally, avoid scanning Excel cells for incorrect data by letting the software discover duplicates and enforce compliance. Put your focus back on building a great application, not keeping your data secure. 

To keep pace with the 21st century, you need to see your IT environment. You need visibility into service outages and where there are performance issues – not only in an effort to provide better, faster support for end users, but also to optimize infrastructure costs and reduce your TCO. These monitoring tools exist for a reason – take advantage of them. Watch the numerous ways in which your company can grow. 

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Evan Carlson

Evan Carlson joined EasyVista in 2010 as the first employee in North America. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer responsible for revenue growth and profitability across marketing, sales, services, support and customer success. Carlson previously served as VP of Sales at EasyVista to establish and grow the business with empowered teams, innovative sales strategies, and long-term customer relationships. Before EasyVista, Carlson held leadership roles for technology vendors including OPNET, Optinuity (acquired by CA Technologies), and Visual Networks (acquired by Danaher Corporation).