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Social Responsibility


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EasyVista is a humane, creative, and responsible company. Since 2020, we have committed to supporting the principles of the UN Global Compact, including human and labor rights, protecting the environment, and committing to the fight against corruption by integrating them into our strategy and culture, and within projects entrusted to our team.

To measure the impact of the actions taken in relation to this commitment, EasyVista requests an annual audit from Ecovadis to assess its social responsibility actions. Thanks to a continuous improvement process, new actions are put in place every year.

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EasyVista is committed to a strong environmental policy. We believe that organizations hold an intrinsic responsibility to pioneer sustainability to promote a healthier, greener world. To support this, we have launched multiple initiatives to reduce EasyVista's carbon footprint across all of our global offices and through partnerships with leaders in environmental sustainability and rehabilitation. We are proud to maintain adherence to the UN Global Compact to respect all diversity, including biodiversity under Objective 15 “Life on Earth.” In 2020, EasyVista partnered with Greenly to further expand our environmental sustainability through the implementation of a strategic action plan focused on reduction and compensation.

  • Proactive policy of eliminating diesel vehicles in favor of clean vehicles (hybrid or electric)
  • With every new EasyVista customer, 15 trees are planted by Ecotree to rebalance ecosystems in threatened wetlands
  • Systematic recycling of paper (equivalent to 0.7T of CO2)
  • Plastic elimination (bottles and cups)
  • Reduction of the impact of travel, including reducing air travel and voluntary teleworking for employees



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At EasyVista, our company culture can be summarized into four main values:
Confidence, Passion, Innovation, and Customer Success

Great Place to Work

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The well-being of our employees is a major priority. We are proud to have received the Great Place to Work® certification in multiple years thanks to direct feedback from our international staff. 

These awards are the result of 30 years of a caring company culture rooted in trust, respect for diversity, and an ever-present investment in employee professional development.

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As surveyed by Great Place to Work, the following percentages of EasyVista employees feel...

  • “I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary."
  • "Employees are treated fairly regardless of their possible disability."
  • Management is approachable, easy to talk with."
  • "Management hires people who fit in well here."
  • "Management is honest and ethical in its business practices."
  • "Employees are treated fairly regardless of their ethnic origin."
  • "Employees are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation."
  • "Employees are treated fairly regardless of their gender."

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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EasyVista is committed to hiring and promoting staff in an inclusive manner, including equitable compensation and fostering a culture that allows each employee to thrive.

Professional equality between women and men is a requirement of justice as well as a lever for economic performance. For the second year in a row, our gender equality Index remains above the standard of 75/100 at a score of 94/100.

2023 score:


In addition, EasyVista pursues a proactive policy to recruit young people and those at the beginning of their career. Each year, around 20 work-study students are recruited to discover the business world and to train. A majority of them are then integrated into permanent contracts.

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Since its implementation in May 2018, EasyVista has complied with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which aims to harmonize and strengthen protections concerning the personal data of European citizens.

Find our full policy here or contact us ato privacy@easyvista.com. 

To ensure its cybersecurity, EasyVista performs a general security audit by the company Wavestone, following the recommendations of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems.

In addition, in the more demanding framework of its SaaS activity, EasyVista has implemented a very advanced risk management policy. It is audited each year as part of an independent audit carried out by a-lign which issues it certification SSAE 18 (type SOC 2).

This audit has been renewed annually since 2016, find here the SSAE18 audit certificate and here the dated SOC2 certificate!

These audit reports are proof of our clients' confidence in the effectiveness of our policy to control the security, availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data stored. This annual audit also makes it possible to re-evaluate the procedures and to make them evolve to remain in the state of the art.