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ITSM for HR Service Management



Employees expect HR teams to provide responsive support and quick answers to all of their questions. Improve employee satisfaction through HR case management automation and an intelligent HR knowledge base. The EasyVista HR Service Management solution helps you streamline work across multiple teams to ease employee onboarding and off-boarding from day one. Plus, improve the availability of HR resources by enabling employees to access HR services at any time, from any device. With multi-platform support, HR staff can provide answers and deliver best-in-class service faster and more efficiently with the all-in-one HR Service Management platform that's easy to use and easy to configure.



5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk


HR Case Management

HR case management can quickly become a time-consuming activity. The EasyVista HR Service Management solution helps prevent cases by providing employees with multi-channel access to HR knowledge. Whether using the HR self-service portal or by deploying a virtual support agent, your employees are guided step-by-step through the identification and resolution of their HR issues. 

If an HR case requires processing, the workflow engine automatically classifies and assigns tasks to the right people according to their skills and availability. 


Employee Onboarding, Offboarding and HR Requests

Onboarding and offboarding are important moments in the employee lifecycle that can greatly impact the future relationship between the employee and the company. 

Approaching these from a security and confidentiality standpoint, while also ensuring a smooth transition, is critical. What happens if a former employee still has privileged access to your data and resources? 

The EasyVista HR Service Management solution enables you to orchestrate and automate the onboarding and offboarding processes in complete security.

Are you wanting to provide self-service for customer support and agents?

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Dashboard and Analytics

Share data with stakeholders and business experts to improve service quality and proactively identify areas for improvement.

Monitor the activity of your HR experts in real-time through robust KPIs and dashboards.

Track the progress of onboarding and offboarding processes and suggest areas for optimization by automating low-value tasks. 

Employee HR Self Service_Illustration

Employee HR Self-Service

Provide employees with a fully-customizable user experience that empowers them to quickly resolve common problems and locate important resources.

The user-friendly search engine allows employees to quickly find and resolve questions. 

Discussion boards allow employees to call upon community experts for help and cultivate a supportive office culture.

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HR Mobile Apps_Illustration

HR Mobile Apps

With three mobile web apps, it's never been easier for employees to submit requests or for HR agents to provide support.

All three mobile apps are fully responsive and allow users to access HR requests from the convenience of their cell phones or the comfort of their desktop

Plus, HR managers will be able to track their team's activity quickly from HR dashboards available from any mobile device. 

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