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HR Service Management



Enhance employee satisfaction and streamline HR processes with our all-in-one HR Service Management platform. Our solution offers self-service portals, a knowledgeable HR base, and automation to make onboarding/offboarding and HR case management efficient. HR staff can provide fast, quality support through multi-platform access. Experience the ease of use and seamless configuration with EasyVista HR Service Management.


5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk


Streamline HR Case Management

Empower employees with multi-channel access to HR knowledge for quick resolution of HR issues. The self-service portal or virtual support agent guides employees through the process step-by-step, reducing the need for HR cases.

If an HR case is necessary, the EasyVista workflow engine takes over. It automatically classifies and assigns tasks to the right team members based on their skills and availability, streamlining HR case management and improving overall efficiency.


Simplify Employee Onboarding, Offboarding, and HR Requests

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming HR processes. EasyVista's HR Service Management automates work across multiple teams to simplify the employee onboarding and offboarding process from day one.

Are you wanting to provide self-service for customer support and agents?

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Effective HR Monitoring with Real-time Analytics

Get a complete overview of HR performance, from case management to HR expert activity, and make data-driven decisions to keep HR operations running smoothly.

Share critical data with stakeholders and business experts to drive service quality improvements. Track onboarding and offboarding processes, identify areas for optimization, and streamline HR activities by automating low-value tasks.



Give employees 24/7 access to HR services from any device with a self-service portal. Streamline HR inquiries and provide quick answers with an intelligent HR knowledge base.

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HR Mobile Apps

With three mobile web apps, it's never been easier for employees to submit requests or for HR agents to provide support.

All three mobile apps are fully responsive and allow users to access HR requests from the convenience of their cell phones or the comfort of their desktop

Plus, HR managers will be able to track their team's activity quickly from HR dashboards available from any mobile device. 

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Automate Request Management

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