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EasyVista | September 11, 2023

5 Ways ITPA Can Bridge the Gap Between Your Business and IT Operations

Successful businesses are cashflow positive and know how to adapt to change (read: pivot). 

Do you agree? 

Let’s consider it for a minute.  

First, your company needs to be making money or else you’re going to have to turn off the lights—you won’t be able to pay anyone. Doesn't matter how great your culture or the product may appear to be, people don’t work for free—they have families to feed and vacations to afford. 

Second, the ability to pivot is vital. If you can change your marketing to cater toward a huge social movement, in this case, the Barbie movie, you’re likely to benefit massively. Why? You’re becoming relevant—giving people what they want. From an internal perspective, if you can understand what’s not working about your product and work to change it (whether it’s a specific product feature or the messaging of your marketing), you’ll increase your potential to generate more money. 

Both are huge. 

...and require a big lift to adequately solve. 

The best way to free up more time and space to work on solving them? Investing in ITPA. 

Odds are your business operations and IT operations aren’t speaking the same language. And this disconnect is preventing your company from 5, 10, or 100x-ing.  

What is ITPA? 

IT Process Automation (ITPA) is the use of technology to automate and streamline various IT-related tasks, processes, and workflows within an organization. Popular examples include deploying software, performing quality control checks, and updating excel file sheets. At its core, ITPA reduces the time involved in tasks, as well as the potential for error—to increase the efficiency of operations.  

How does ITPA help businesses? 

Below are five ways ITPA help to improve your business operations and why your company should invest in these tools if you want to grow. 

1. Improved Communication 

It’s amazing how overlooked the importance of proper communication is, especially within a growing company—we're talking millions. Which is why, if you want your company to keep adding zeros to the end of your revenue numbers, you need to make sure communication is clear across and within departments. People need to know where to find information, what they need to share, and how the information needs to be dispersed among pupils. The best (and fastest) way to do this? Invest in automation tools for ITPA. When automation, documentation and workflows are clear from the start—there's no room for confusion.  

2. Reduced Errors  

As humans, we don’t always like to admit when we’ve messed up (or even notice when an error occurs.) Once ITPA is established and automation is implemented, human input (and, by extension, human error) is taken out of the equation.  In turn, errors are reduced, and business operations can run with a higher level of reliability (i.e., product invoicing numbers are more accurate). 

3. Faster Responses 

Task automation allows routine tasks to be handled at once and in the background, leaving IT teams ready to respond faster and more efficiently to larger business needs when they arise. In addition, the self-help capabilities of ITPA through knowledge bases and self-service portals empower end users to get their questions answered or solve their own problems, without reaching out to IT.  

4. Scalability 

If your resources can’t adequately manage the pace and demand at which your company grows, you’re going to run into major issues. With automation set up, the workflows and operations will be set up to handle the demand and accommodate accordingly. Resources will be reliable and help, not hinder, your business expansion.  

5. Data-Backed Insights 

Why spend valuable time and resources continuing to perform processes that could be done more efficiently? Why not invest in other resources or business operations instead? Thanks to the data and analytics gained from using automation tools, your company can make better informed, data-backed decisions on what will benefit your company the most.  

Implement ITPA to Save Time and Money 

There’s no hiding it, your IT and Business development divisions need to communicate if you want to grow. Not sure where to start on your ITPA journey? Speak with an EasyVista Sales Representative today to learn more about how our tools and services can help transform your business operations. 

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