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EasyVista | August 04, 2023

Why EasyVista?

EasyVista was founded by Jamal Labed and Sylvain Gauthier to provide an affordable end-to-end service management platform (software that provides solutions for processes and workflows from start to finish) for small to mid-sized companies.  

So far so good— and we’ve been at this a long time. 

Our noteworthy 3000+ global clients (80% of which have been with us for over 10 years) include McDonald’s, Rexel, Gordon Food Services, and Villanova University. 

Why do they work with us? 

For one, we live up to our name. Our vision is to make IT easy for all organizations. EasyVista’s solutions are easy-to-use, set up, and deploy. Our solutions (EV Reach, EV Observe, EV Service Manager, EV Self Help) were designed to be headache-free to help businesses streamline processes and procedures—we want you to get back to doing what your company does best ASAP. There’s no use in spending loads of resources (time and money) ramping up a new SaaS platform with your integrations, and then not being able to use it. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult.  

Second, we place an emphasis on YOU, the customer.  

It’s effortless in a big industry, such as ITSM and ITOM, to place everyone in the same bucket— just another sale (one step closer to quota). At EasyVista, that’s not the case. Each of our clients is treated with the utmost respect and care because we understand how unique your business needs are. We understand how difficult transitions, especially technological ones, can be. Because of this, our sales representatives and customer support staff are readily available to answer questions and give demonstrations prior to, during, and following the signing of your contract. Our success as a company rides on your success. 

How we help 

IT Service Management – Streamline and deliver solutions faster and more efficiently with cloud-based tools. 
IT Self Service – Empower users to resolve their own incidents with IT service requests and chatbots, virtual agents, and knowledge management systems. 
  • 70% reduction of onboarding time 
  • 90% reduction in knowledge creation time 
IT Remote Support – Resolve issues with zero downtime and without interruption to the end-user— from anywhere. 
  • Access users’ systems within seconds, no matter where they are 
  • Real-time query engine, that prioritizes live data 
IT Monitoring – Predict and prevent downtime with 360-degree monitoring of your IT infrastructure.  
  • Agentless monitoring of 200+ connectors 
  • Alert forecast up to 15 minutes before with AIOps  

Want to know what our customers say about us? 

Peer Insights Quote - 15

EV Reach - Reddit Quote 1

Peer Insights Quote - 19

Interested in an easy to use, set up, and deploy end-to-end service management platform?

Talk with one of our experts today.  

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EasyVista is a global software provider of intelligent solutions for enterprise service management, remote support, and self-healing technologies. Leveraging the power of ITSM, Self-Help, AI, background systems management, and IT process automation, EasyVista makes it easy for companies to embrace a customer-focused, proactive, and predictive approach to their service and support delivery. Today, EasyVista helps over 3,000+ enterprises around the world to accelerate digital transformation, empowering leaders to improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase employee and customer satisfaction across financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other industries.