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Katie McKenna | April 02, 2018

Build an IT Self-Service Portal Your Employees Will Actually Use

Let’s imagine you’ve built a shiny, new IT self-service portal that looks great and has all the right workflows running behind the scenes. Your IT team can’t wait to reap the benefits of an IT self-help portal for end users which include deflecting tier 1 calls, lowering IT costs, and reducing workloads. You launch your IT self-service portal, which is sure to make the lives of your end users and IT staff infinitely easier...and your employees don’t use it.

Build Your IT Self-Service Portal and They Will Come – Not!

The above scenario is not so much an infrequent nightmare as a common reality stemming from a simple but egregious error: Designing IT self-service without a focus on the primary audience – your employees. It sounds like common sense to build tools for those who will use them but IT self-service portals are often designed to appeal to tech staff instead. To overcome ingrained habits and office cultural factors, IT self-service deployments must be easy-to-use and enticing for end users—or your employees will continue to reach for the phone, shoot off emails, or even walk-up, which undermines the effectiveness of the self-service channel.

Best Practices for IT Self-Service Portal Success

Recent Gartner research, “Design IT Self-Service for the Business Consumer,” includes expert recommendations for increasing IT self-service user satisfaction and adoption levels, providing details on the following best practices:

  • Engage the business to determine appetite, aptitude, and expectations for IT self-service
  • Identify where IT self-service can have the greatest impact
  • Use consumer service experiences to develop an IT self-service strategy
  • Promote, familiarize, and incentivize the IT self-service experience

Grab your copy of the complimentary report for in-depth tips from Gartner: Design IT Self-Service for the Business Consumer


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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna is the Digital Marketing Manager at EasyVista, managing all aspects of social media and the company’s web presence. She enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. Katie is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover. Follow Katie’s latest tweets on EasyVista and industry news at @EasyVista.