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Go beyond the limits of your traditional knowledge base. Easily capture, deliver and measure knowledge like you never have before with EV Self Help, our employee self-service software. Your users will have a more engaging and dynamic way to leverage knowledge to help themselves, the same way they would interact with a human—with the power of natural language processing (NLP) and contextualization.

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Create Dynamic & Interactive
Knowledge Experiences

Our employee self-service software has a drag-and-drop design studio that allows for quick and easy creation of Q&A decision trees. EasyVista Self Help allows you to upload documents and multimedia, such as videos or images, for an engaging experience that enables users to solve problems on their own.

The Quickstart feature enables subject matter experts to capture existing knowledge documents by automatically transforming formatted Word and Excel documents into guided knowledge procedures and FAQs.

Centralize Knowledge

Centralize Knowledge and Deliver Everywhere With Omnichannel Support

EasyVista Self Help lets you syndicate knowledge anywhere your users are, from websites, portals, enterprise applications to messaging platforms. Easily integrate with third-party applications like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, EasyVista Service Manager, and many more with the premium connector for Microsoft Flow.

EasyVista Self Help for Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Provide data-driven interactive scripts and troubleshooting solutions to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of service for customer service organizations.


Salesforce Integration@2x
Chatbot Laptop

Create Chatbots & Virtual Agents with Conversational AI

Deliver personalized experiences for every user through chatbots and virtual agents powered by knowledge and our built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that provides contextualized answers and guided support to help your users resolve issues and request services on their own.

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analyze with employee self service software

Measure the Success of Your Knowledge

Get advanced analytics to gain insight into how knowledge is being used with our employee self-service software. With usage statistics and end-user feedback flow, you can identify gaps and ensure knowledge accuracy.

What's the Difference Between EV Self Help and Your Traditional Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is meant to be a place where you gather, analyze, store, and share knowledge that has been acquired across your organization. Enhance your traditional knowledge base with EV Self Help by providing a unique way of capturing, curating, and delivering this knowledge in a more interactive, engaging format.


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