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HDI Trend Report

The ROI of Shift-Left:
Optimizing Service Desk Costs
with Self-Help

Implementing a Shift-Left Strategy for your ITSM?

Today’s customers and employees want to easily find answers to their questions and resolutions for issues with the technologies they use every day.1 At the same time, executives want to decrease the costs of supporting technologies. 

A shift-left strategy can address both of these desires, as it moves common issues from Level 1 support to Level 0, and reduces escalations by bringing more work from Level 2 to Level 1.

The question then is: what is the ROI of shift-left and how can self-help technology be beneficial?

This report explores:

  • The increased demand for services vs. spending and resource constraints
  • The demand for self-help and why it often isn’t met
  • The real costs of not providing self-help
  • Changes to metrics that indicate shift-left success
  • Integrating the right technology

Download this report and start planning for a successful shift-left strategy!


1 The ROI of Shift-Left: Optimizing Service Desk Costs with Self-Help, HDI, EasyVista, December 2019

Download the Report