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IT Asset Management

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Track and Manage Assets. Make Decisions.


ITAM has profound implications. Do it successfully, and you will be ever-aware of your
IT assets, from budget to current use.

What assets are you out of? What do those assets cost? Are your warranties intact?
Manage the ITAM lifecycle of your software, hardware, licenses, and contracts using our mature configuration management database, which integrates with most discovery tools. The foundational capabilities in EasyVista Service Manager include: Discovery and Dependency Mapping, Inventory Management, Software License Management, Contracts Management, and a lot more. 


Track Assets with IT Asset Management and the CMDB

The EasyVista CMDB (configuration management database) is the definitive trusted source for all IT information. Our configuration management database tools define the relationship between assets in order to represent any IT service. The CMDB contains intangible assets, such as services (CIs), and links them to physical assets, such as hardware and software, making it essential in managing IT service delivery across all IT processes. Consequently, the CMDB allows service change and impact analysis, purchase management, stock management — and so much more.


Know your IT with Comprehensive Configuration Management

With a CMDB that supports multiple data sources, you can accurately track the current state of all of your IT assets. You get fully integrated technical and financial data, such as location, service contract status, ownership, and logistical information.


Manage Software Compliance with IT Asset Management

Arm yourself for compliance with configuration management database tools. With version management, reconciliation, flexible software detection rules, monitoring during migrations, and multi-level tracking software, you can confidently identify gaps and quickly adapt to new contractual rules.


Take Advantage of Our Built-In Best Practices

EasyVista’s IT Asset Management leverages out-of-the-box wizards for quick deployments and relocation of assets across the organization. The CMDB improves visibility throughout the asset lifecycle, resulting in streamlined service delivery, enhanced customer service, and a lower total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure.


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