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What is EV Orchestrate? 

EV Orchestrate is an advanced automation and orchestration product designed to streamline and optimize IT operations. It integrates seamlessly with various third-party systems to automate routine tasks, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure consistent accuracy across your IT landscape. 

The Challenge

Manual IT and Operations (I&O) tasks are often time-consuming and prone to errors, especially when dealing with multiple third-party systems. These inefficiencies can lead to increased downtime and reduced productivity. 

The Solution 

EV Orchestrate: Revolutionizing IT Operations 

EV Orchestrate automates and orchestrates IT tasks with precision, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across your IT landscape. As a delivery manager, you need more than just information—you need solutions that drive action. EV Orchestrate goes beyond simple monitoring; it ensures issues are automatically resolved, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives instead of constant troubleshooting. 

Key Benefits of EV Orchestrate 

  • Proactive Issue Resolution

    • Automatically detects and resolves issues before they escalate, significantly reducing downtime. 
    • Automates routine tasks such as password resets and application access management, enhancing security and operational efficiency. 
  • Unified Management 

    • Centralizes the management of all integrations and workflows, simplifying administrative tasks. 
    • Allows for seamless synchronization of user profiles and asset data across systems, ensuring consistency and reliability. 
  • Instant Responsiveness 

    • Provides real-time automated responses to incidents, improving service reliability and user satisfaction. 
    • Automatically provisions and deprovisions application access in response to workforce changes, keeping systems up-to-date and secure. 
  • Consistent Accuracy 

    • Ensures tasks are executed accurately every time, minimizing errors and boosting operational efficiency. 
    • Synchronizes ticket data between legacy systems and EV Orchestrate, ensuring smooth transitions and continuous, uninterrupted operations. 

Press Release

EasyVista launches EV Orchestrate


Why Choose EV Orchestrate?

EV Orchestrate excels at automating complex workflows that span several systems. It integrates effortlessly with EV Service Manager and the EasyVista Platform, facilitating smooth and phased implementations. By reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors, it allows your team to focus on high-value tasks that drive your business forward.


Get Started with EV Orchestrate Now

Transform your IT operations with EV Orchestrate. Experience seamless efficiency and drive continuous improvement by automating complex workflows and streamlining your IT processes.

EV Orchestrate transforms IT operations with its proactive, unified, responsive, and accurate approach, making it an indispensable tool for any organization looking to streamline and enhance its IT processes. 




Regardless of your current IT or service management infrastructure, EasyVista's cloud based IT Service Management (ITSM) software gives you broad coverage of ITIL process areas, provides an elevated, intuitive user experience, and makes configuration and implementation simple. It's provable ROI and an easier job — all in one platform.