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Harness the power of self healing end-to-end proactive service management with our process automation technology.


Proactively prevent downtime with our proven AIOps for a 360-degree remote monitoring experience.


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Remote Monitoring and Observability





Increasing service and support efficiency and business satisfaction starts with predicting and avoiding downtime. EasyVista ServiceNav is a monitoring platform for network, IoT, IT infrastructure, cloud, and application monitoring that delivers an end-to-end service experience. ServiceNav makes it easy for organizations to embrace a proactive and predictive approach to service support, delivery, and observability, including collaborative self-help, self-healing, and comprehensive performance and availability insights.

This enables teams to focus on value delivery and innovation that drives business outcomes, resulting in higher employee engagement and a better customer experience, increased productivity, and improved resiliency.

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ServiceNav: Future-Ready Monitoring Technology to Take Your ITSM to the Next Level


Increase Service Availability

View real-time monitoring of your IT infrastructure, network, IoT, cloud and applications at lightning speed. Keep your managed assets up-to-date with no wasted time and no blind spots. Configure dynamic thresholds based on recommendations and reduce false positives by 30%. Never miss any alerts with multi-channel notifications and dashboards.


Reduce Your Incident Resolution Time

Take advantage of dependency mapping, root cause analysis, and interactive dashboards to help accelerate incident resolution. Thanks to the proactive monitoring of business indicators, activity peaks, seasonality of use and the intelligent mapping of dependencies of a complex system, you can identify the root cause of a service failure or downtime even more quickly and accurately.

Is Your IT Team Ready For The Future?

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The combination of the ServiceNav monitoring with the Service Manager ITSM platform takes your service continuity and support objectives to the next level. Incidents and problems are automatically created thanks to advanced alert correlation and algorithm technologies that ease the investigation work for your experts and engineers.


Facilitate Transparency and Efficiency in Communication

Market your IT business and service performance metrics with an embeddable IT Health Status widget.


Decrease On-Call Costs

Reduce on-call costs and ensure service availability by leveraging the power of Big Data and AIOps technologies. By identifying weak signals and their occurrences, it has never been easier to predict an incident in the next 15 hours.

Enhance user and agent experience with proactive IT monitoring software




Regardless of your current IT or service management infrastructure, EasyVista's cloud based IT Service Management (ITSM) software gives you broad coverage of ITIL process areas, provides an elevated, intuitive user experience, and makes configuration and implementation simple. It's provable ROI and an easier job — all in one platform.