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Deploy and Monitor (Servers, Network, Applications & Websites)


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EV Observe can manage your technical and business environments to help grow your business

Your monitoring tool must be able to help maintain availability in complex environments and evolve at the same pace. EV Observe is fully scalable with a single (SaaS) platform that can monitor tens of thousands of servers. This allows you to maintain control of even the largest environments without having to use multiple tools. And with each release of the platform your service catalog evolves and has the ability to collect additional data.


Future-Ready Monitoring Technology to Take Your ITSM to the Next Level


A catalog of more than 1500 service templates

Continuously adding service models to provide visibility into your complex infrastructure with a single tool.

The monitoring catalog defines the scope of the infrastructure that can be monitored. The catalog is shared and new features are being added on a regular basis.

  • Conventional technologies: Network, storage, servers, OS
  • Software applications: Databases, applications, middleware
  • Cloud Technologies: IaaS/PaaS, Microsoft Azure AWS, and more


Our Technology Partners

Innovation and partnerships have been at the core of the EV Observe strategy since it was founded.

Our catalog includes the most important technology partners in the IT world. And with each product update we provide new data discovery options to address the acceleration of new technology solutions in the marketplace.

Due to our product model and our technology partnerships the possibilities for scalability and extensibility are nearly endless.



EV Observe – the scalable solution

Expand your business with confidence, with a future-proof Bigdata architecture, allowing a huge and constantly growing monitoring scope, without hidden costs.




Simplify the discovery of IT components

  • Discovery of IT components and application of EV Observe or specific templates
  • Agentless discovery via API and hardware/software feedback, all without impacting the assets
  • Easily migrate information by integrating data files in standard formats


Maintain an up-to-date configuration with the EV Observe API

Do you operate in a highly dynamic environment? Automatically create virtual machines on the fly, integrate with DevOps and manage IT containerization.

With the EV Observe API Web Services, you can address the crucial challenge of always ensuring your monitoring up-to-date, including the creation, modification and deletion of components and maintenance automation. Save time and money by leveraging the expertise of our consultants and partners.

Discover all the possibilities of the EV Observe API.


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