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ITSM for Facility Service Management



EasyVista’s Facilities Service Management solution enables your Facilities teams to seamlessly process and manage work orders.

From building maintenance management to vehicle fleet management, EasyVista offers a complete suite to process requests and equipment. EasyVista facilitates the digital transformation of your teams with automated solutions and a unique user experience. The day-to-day management of your facilities teams has never been easier.


5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk


Work Order Management

Whether it is for the maintenance of air conditioning systems, the repair of a faucet or the management of a fleet of vehicles, the EasyVista Facilities Management solution enables you to track work orders to facilitate the organization of your teams' work and maintain your buildings efficiently.

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Facilities Requests

Allow your employees to request the assistance of the Facilities teams or to order office equipment through a modern and intuitive self-service portal. The workflow engine allows you to assign tasks to the different contributors according to their field of expertise and location to optimize and streamline delivery requirements.


Facility Asset Management

EasyVista’s Facilities Asset Management includes inventory, contract management, supplier management, financial management and reporting. Altogether, this creates insight into the status, cost, and location of each asset, allowing your organization to manage effectively while reducing costs and complexities.

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Contract and Supplier_Illustration

Contract & Supplier Management

The EasyVista Facilities Service Management solution enables you to effectively manage your suppliers and the associated contracts. Each piece of equipment is associated with a contract which is linked to a supplier and is defined by a set of legal and financial information as well as catalog of available equipment. Business wizards help manage the lifecycle of equipment, contracts and suppliers without requiring any complex configuration or training.

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Dashboard and Analytics

Share the relevant data with your stakeholders and business experts to help improve service quality and proactively identify areas for improvement. KPIs and dashboards are available to enable you to monitor the activity of your technicians in real time to prioritize your activity and focus on what will have the greatest impact on the productivity of your employees.

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Facilities Self-Service_Illustration

Facilities Self-Service

The Facilities self-service portal provides a single intuitive user experience for all Facilities requests and questions. Access the Facilities service catalog through a search engine or engage in a conversational experience 24/7 through chatbots and virtual agents that deliver contextualized answers and guided support.

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Field Tech_Illustration

Field Technician Mobile App

The Field Technician Mobile App is a web-based mobile application designed for facilities field technicians that enables them to monitor work orders and facilities requests, create and complete actions, order office equipment for users, and more to increase productivity for field techs on the go.

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