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ITSM for Facility Service Management



With the EasyVista Facilities Service Management solution, your Facilities teams can process and manage work orders from employees on a dedicated (or global!) self-service portal. From building maintenance management to vehicle fleet management, we offer a complete suite to process requests and equipment available to your staff.

EasyVista boosts the digital transformation of your teams with automation solutions and a unique user experience. The day-to-day management of your facilities teams has never been easier!


5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk


Work Order Management

Whether it's for the air conditioning, a leaky faucet, or managing a fleet of vehicles, the EasyVista Facilities Management solution makes it possible to track work orders and maintain buildings efficiently.

Field technicians also have a mobile app to organize and process their interventions while on the move from one site to another.

We make it easy to monitor recurring maintenance and to keep "business as usual" in case of major incidents.


Facilities Requests

Let your employees request Facilities support or order office equipment through a modern and intuitive self-service portal.

The workflow engine assigns tasks to different contributors based on their field of expertise and location to optimize the intervention rounds. 

Plus, with convenient dashboards built-in to EasyVista Facilities Service Management solution, you can manage your interventions and check delivery times at a glance, any time.


Facility Asset Management

Facilities need a tool with complete control and visibility into their asset portfolio to effectively manage work orders. EasyVista’s Facilities Asset Management, which includes inventory, contract management, supplier management, financial management, and reporting, lets you know which assets are in production, what's in stock, where they're located, who uses them, and what they cost.

Are you wanting to provide self-service for customer support and agents?

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Contract and Supplier_Illustration

Contract & Supplier Management

Managing office equipment requires both work order monitoring and fine-tuned adjustments to your contracts and guarantees.

Each piece of equipment is associated with a contract that defines maintenance conditions and lists financial information. You can renew your equipment by starting the purchasing process, and receiving and assigning your new equipment to your employees or workspaces.

To make life easier for your Facilities teams, business wizards manage the equipment life cycle without requiring any complex configuration.

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Dashboard and Analytics

Share data with stakeholders and business experts to improve service quality and proactively identify areas for improvement. 

With built-in KPIs and dashboards, you can monitor the activity of your technicians in real time to prioritize tasks and focus on what has the greatest impact on productivity.

Track the progress of onboarding and offboarding processes and suggest areas for optimization by automating low-value tasks. 

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Facilities Self-Service_Illustration

Facilities Self-Service

Provide employees with a fully customizable user experience that empowers them to quickly resolve common problems and locate important resources. 

The user-friendly search engine allows employees to quickly find and resolve questions. 

Discussion boards allow employees to call upon community experts for help and cultivate a supportive office culture. 

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Field Tech_Illustration

Field Technician Mobile App

With the Field Technician Mobile App, facilities field technicians can:

  • Monitor work orders and facilities requests assigned to them or to one of their groups
  • Create and complete actions 
  • Order office equipment for users 
  • View the employee directory, Knowledge Base, and equipment lists

Whether in the field or at their desk, both the desktop and mobile versions help your technicians access tickets anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  

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