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Knowledge Management Software

Empower Employees in Every Department

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Gathering and publishing useful knowledge articles is the most common way for end users to help themselves today. But the problems with getting users to engage with knowledge are age-old and well documented. With our knowledge management software, you can make knowledge more contextualized, easily put it into our responsive web portal, and deliver it in a more interactive way to your team. Your users will now have the confidence to solve problems on their own and engage with learning more often.

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Gain Adoption Quickly with Validated Results

Identify the knowledge articles that could deflect the greatest number of calls from the service desk if end users solve these issues themselves. Then convert them into intelligent knowledge flows driven by dynamic decision tree logic. Publish them to your self-service portal and analyze the usage data to understand where to invest more in knowledge and training - all within our knowledge management software.

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Increase Efficiency and Improve Productivity

With EasyVista's knowledge management software, simplify and document both IT and non-IT procedures for day-to-day tasks in new knowledge flows. Publish these knowledge flows to responsive portals for easy access to knowledge on any device. Leverage the value of this knowledge externally as well, by extending access to customers, vendors, and partners.

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Accelerate Employee Ramp-Up
and Training

Provide employees with 24/7, self-administered training material that is accessed from anywhere while tracking their progress. Empower new employees to produce like seasoned veterans and encourage level-1 technicians to avoid costly escalations by giving them access to level-2 or level-3 knowledge flows for the most difficult service desk requests.

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Improve Return on Your
Self-Service Investment

Add intelligent knowledge flows to your self-service portal for any procedure, whether they're easy-to-follow instructions or thorough resolutions to a complex problem. Analyze usage data within our knowledge management software to understand which flows are working and which ones need improvement. Maximize self-service adoption by instilling confidence in your end users that they can solve their own problems without making a phone call.

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Simplify IT Service Management by making it easier to deliver and use.

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