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EasyVista Self Help for Salesforce Service Cloud

EV Self Help - Salesforce@2x

EasyVista Self Help for Salesforce Service Cloud provides data-driven interactive scripts and troubleshooting solutions that will:

  • Improve productivity and key performance indicators (FCR, AHT, QoS, CES, NPS) for customer service organizations
  • Simplify complex issues for your customer service agents with step-by-step procedures
  • Increase call handling efficiency with automation that creates and updates cases and tasks

Get in touch with our team and see how you can provide an exceptional user experience for both customer service agents and customers.

Learn more about EasyVista Self Help for Salesforce Service Cloud in the Salesforce AppExchange.


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EV Self Help for Salesforce Service Cloud in Action!



Improve Productivity and KPIs for Customer Service Organizations

Improve the key metrics (FCR, AHT, QoS, CES, NPS) that drive customer satisfaction with detailed procedures to enable support agents to address customer issues quickly and easily.


Simplify complex issues for your Customer Service Agents with Step-by-Step Procedures

Provide Customer Service Agents with detailed instructions, leveraging contextual customer information, to help resolve issues and identify the next best action to take.


Increase Call Handling Efficiency with Automation

Leverage a native integration with the Salesforce Service Cloud to automatically create and update cases and tasks.


Empower Customers with Knowledge from Anywhere with Multichannel Support

EasyVista Self Help lets you deliver knowledge anywhere your customers are, from websites, chatbots and virtual agents to deliver personalized experiences for every customer.

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