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Dramatically reduce requests and increase user satisfaction by empowering users to solve their own issues with our innovative self-help solution.

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Getting Answers Should be Easy

Go beyond the limits of your traditional knowledge base. Easily capture and deliver knowledge like you never have before with EV Self Help. Your users will have a more engaging and dynamic way to leverage knowledge to help themselves, the same way they would interact with a human — with Q&A or more conversational decision making.

Using EV Self Help, your organization will improve adoption of IT self-service, resulting in significant benefits.


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Deliver Interactive
Knowledge Experiences

A codeless design studio allows for quick and simple creation of interactive knowledge experiences. Include multimedia, such as videos or images, for an engaging experience that enables users to solve problems on their own and reduce service desk workload.


Provide Access to Answers
From Anywhere

Use responsive web apps to deliver knowledge flows to end users on desktop and mobile devices. Integrate with third-party solutions, such as ITSM, CRM, and AI technologies like chatbots for a superior self-help user experience.


Make Your Knowledge Dynamic

With the drag-and-drop editor, develop web-based Q&A decision trees for your end users to answer their IT questions faster in a more natural, logical way and at lower cost for your organization.


Analyze Usage for Continual Improvement of Knowledge

Get detailed analytics to gain insight into how knowledge is used. With knowledge flow usage statistics, you can identify gaps and adjust accordingly to ensure that your organization is maximizing its knowledge investment.

What's the Difference Between EV Self Help and Your Traditional Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is meant to be a place where you gather, analyze, store, and share knowledge that has been acquired across your organization. Enhance your traditional knowledge base with EV Self Help by providing a unique way of capturing, curating, and delivering this knowledge in a more interactive, engaging format.


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