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Customer service and support organizations, like call centers, are critical for customer retention success. That is why supporting the customers’ needs before and after they buy a product or service is essential to provide the best possible agent and customer engagements.

EasyVista's Customer Service Management solutions improve the productivity of your contact centers and the quality of service provided by your customer support agents. All this while simplifying the processing of complex cases and automating low value-added activities.

Combine the power of artificial intelligence with the automation capabilities of our EV Self Help solution to better understand your customers, share customer specific information, and automate workflows.


Deliver Seamless Omnichannel User Experiences 

Build customer loyalty by empowering your customers with EV Self Help's intelligent, personalized, efficient, and consistent customer service by guiding conversations and automating low value-added activities.


Provide Guided Support for Your Customer Support Agents

Enable your customer support agents and field technicians to be more effective with a dynamic and contextualized knowledge base that provides intelligent guides and automated workflow triggers. Empower them to improve their performance indicators (FCR, AHT, QoS) and enhance the customer experience while reducing time spent on administrative and low value-added activities.

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Integrate Your Systems for A More Holistic Customer Experience

Happy employees make happy customers. Give your employees a powerful user experience by leveraging our EV Self Help solution integration capabilities to display EV Self Help content in a unified desktop for your customer support agents. Easily integrate and create automations with third-party applications such as Salesforce, EasyVista Service Manager, and many others with standard REST API connectors. 

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Expand Your Support to Include Virtual Agents 

Incorporate virtual agents to provide conversational experiences for your customers based on guides designed in our studio and using our integrated natural language processing (NLP) engine. Combine the power of our artificial intelligence with the automation capabilities of the EV Self Help Studio to easily qualify complex cases and automatically trigger any associated workflows.  

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EasyVista Self Help for Salesforce                Service Cloud Integration

Provide data-driven interactive scripts and troubleshooting solutions to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of service for customer service organizations.


Salesforce Integration@2x