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Self-Service for Customer Support

Provide Engaging Customer Support Experiences from Anywhere, at Any Time


Customer service and support organizations, like call centers, are critical for customer retention success. Without personalized and effortless customer service and support, it’s impossible to provide a great customer experience. 

This is why supporting the customers’ needs before and after they buy a product or service is critical, and a well-thought-out knowledge strategy is essential in providing the best possible agent and customer engagements. 

EasyVista's smart self-service platform powered by knowledge enables you to easily create, deliver, and measure guided knowledge flows that empower customers to get the answers they need easily, without contacting customer service.


Smart Self-Service for Customers

Create Q&A and advanced decision trees that guide customers step-by-step with rich text, videos, images, and other multimedia content for an engaging support experience that enables users to solve problems and make requests on their own. 



French premium television channel and tv provider, Canal+ had an increase in customer calls related to its global TV business, leading to 500 customer support agents managing 3,000,000 calls during that year.

By using EasyVista’s intelligent knowledge management solution, the company was able to support this increase, resulting in:

  • Reduced call handling time by 30%
  • Shortened customer support agent onboarding by 60%
  • Eliminated 20% of calls by end of the first year



Guided Support for Customer Service Agents 

Provide easy access to knowledge within the CRM or other platforms used to engage with customers. Best practices, resolution steps, answers to common questions, and standard processes can be easily captured into knowledge workflows that guide new agents through problem resolution, improving productivity and reducing onboarding time.

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Omnichannel Support Experiences for Everyone

Help customers and agents find what they need no matter where they are, from websites, portals, enterprise applications or messaging platforms. Deliver conversational experiences to everyone through chatbots and virtual support agents powered by knowledge and our built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine.

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Integration Capabilities for Process Automation

Easily integrate with third-party applications like Salesforce, EasyVista Service Manager, and many more with the premium connector for Microsoft Power Automate, previously Microsoft Flow, to deliver a contextualized experience for customers and agents.


Rapidly Deploy a Knowledge Management Program to Support Work-From-Home Customer Service

Is your organization ready to meet agents and customers where they are with the knowledge they need? Download the Gartner report to find out how! 


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