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Virtual Support Agents
& Chatbot Technology

Deploy Chatbots and Virtual Agents for a Superior Support Experience


Today, IT and customer support organizations are experiencing dramatic increases in the number of requests from employees and customers. Many organizations are responding by deploying new, always-on support channels to reduce costs and increase user satisfaction.

EasyVista’s Service Bots technology enables you to quickly deploy virtual support agents that deliver answers and take action on behalf of those requesting support and services.


5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk

Virtual Agent Guided Support

Deliver Answers & Guided Support with Virtual Agents

Create a conversational experience for every user through chatbots and virtual agents that deliver contextualized answers and guided support to help your users resolve issues and request services on their own. Since our bots learn from the knowledge in EasyVista Self Help and can be informed to help with any topic (HR, IT, Facilities, etc.), users are guided through answers or processes with multimedia content, question and answer dialog and automated actions.

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Conversational AI

Bring Conversational AI to Self-Service

Provide employees and customers with conversational knowledge delivery with our built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that analyzes user input, aims to detect user intent and identifies the relevant answer, knowledge or automated process, all created and managed in EasyVista Self Help.  


Automate Actions Intelligently for Your Customers & Employees

Our chatbots or virtual agents are much more than just bots that provide basic answers to questions. With Service Bots technology, you can collect information from users and automatically guide them using multimedia-based guided knowledge procedures and even take action on their behalf.

For example, it can automate the creation of tickets, cases and requests in your ITSM or CRM platform, follow up on statuses, and query a database to contextualize a conversation with a user.


Enhance Omnichannel Support with Virtual Agents Everywhere

Bring chatbots or virtual agents to where your employees and customers already are with out‑of‑the box configurations for websites, portals, enterprise applications and messaging platforms.

Leverage Service Bots Implementation Wizards to easily configure new virtual agents with just a few clicks of a button.

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