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Software Deployment Tools for the System Admin: Audit, Manage, and Automate


EV Reach offers a series of software deployment tools designed to streamline software inventory and deployment.

System administrators use our remote software deployment solution to distribute, update, uninstall and audit software applications remotely on one or more computers with real-time push technology.

Also, EV Reach software deployment tools for the system admin will automate software management procedures. Process Automation, EV Reach’s programmatic automation framework, reduces the complexity of distributing software to a landscape comprised of external and internal machines, disparate operating systems, application usage and configurations.


Key Software Deployment Tool Features & Benefits

EV Reach’s automated software deployment tools provide real-time push technology, support for MSI and EXE software packages, and silent install to avoid disrupting users as well as the ability to:

  • Collect detailed data for software installed on any remote machine
  • Repair corrupted programs
  • Uninstall software on individual or groups of machines
  • Programmatically bring servers, desktops, and other remote machines into compliance with software policy
  • Patch Windows or other third-party software

Central Software Repository

Software Deployment Tool Feature: Central Software Repository The software repository is a key feature of software deployment tools necessary to streamline the installation process. It allows system administrators to store their MSI or EXE-based packages in a central location. Software packages can be configured, catalogued and referenced by version so they can be dispatched manually or programmatically when needed.

reach repo

EV Reach software deployment tools allow for a central software repository to be shared across all EV Reach operators within your organization and for each system administrator to manage their own private repository independently.

Deploying Software Applications

reach deployment


Using Process Automation and the software repository, you can deploy software packages by targeting

- individual computers

- a group of computers

- an Active Directory domain

- a site

- an OU

- an IP range.

The remote installation process of a software application can be executed on a per-needed basis. It can be scheduled to run at a specific time, on a regular basis or a programmable trigger.

With Scope Action, EV Reach’s IT Automation tool, you can build a complete software installation workflow that includes additional system preparation tasks such as registry and file system modifications, script executions, user notifications.

Third Party Patch Management and Deployment

EV Reach can also be used to deploy patches from third-party applications such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and other vendors. Third-party software patching can be pushed via software updates, file transfers, script executions, command line executions and more.


Tracking software assets and software inventory can be difficult. You can use our solution to monitor and collect software inventory data from managed endpoints.

  • Generate generic or granular software inventory reports
  • Schedule update of inventory data and track changes


Use our process automation tools to scan endpoints, detect prohibited, deprecated or outdated software applications and remediate the situation in real-time.

Simply define a set of software attribute search criteria such as software name, manufacturer, version, installation path, define a scope, and select proper course of action: uninstall or update software.

You can automate the entire process including configuration tasks, such as the deletion of data files, or removal of registry data.

What Processes Does EasyVista Support?

Our platform is fully integrated with the ITIL lifecycle. We support a multitude of ITIL processes to help your organization address incidents, provide better service management, deal with assets and configuration items, handle capacity and availability, and so much more.

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