How Agnesian HealthCare Uses Service Management Automation to Manage More Tickets with Less Effort

August 25 , 2017 By Katie McKenna
Service Management Automation in Healthcare IT

Initiatives to optimize costs in IT, coupled with growing numbers of service requests and the need to maximize agility and speed, often require IT organizations to do more with less — whether that means closing more tickets with a leaner staff or even utilizing a solution that builds service workflows without the need for coding knowledge.

One of the best ways to free up your IT staff to focus on driving valuable initiatives that contribute to company growth is through service management automation and workflows. By having your ITSM tool do the heavy lifting, your team can focus on the important stuff while realizing unprecedented gains in efficiency and time-savings.

What better way to illustrate this idea than through a real-life example of success! Let’s see how Agnesian HealthCare’s award-winning IT team uses EasyVista service management automation to accelerate ticket resolution time and manage more tickets with less effort in the below infographic.


Download the Full Infographic


For even more information on how Agnesian HealthCare does more with less, read the full case study: EasyVista Contributes to Stellar IT Service Within Agnesian HeathCare’s Award-winning IT Organization

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