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Hypervision and 3rd party Integrations



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Your IT Ops processes must be fast, fluid, and specific to your business. In the same way, modern monitoring software must be connected to IT Ops software to ensure the agility of your organization, including your ITSM tool, CMDB, communication intranet, customer portal and Business Intelligence solutions. In addition to the technical solutions provided by EV Observe, you benefit from our experience working with other vendors and their solutions.


Future-Ready Monitoring Technology to Take Your ITSM to the Next Level

Hypervision and Third Party-1

Accelerate the processing of alerts to ensure appropriate tracking

Create a trouble ticket in your ITSM software from any dashboard, map or alert displayed in technical operations. Multiple software solutions are supported such as EasyVista Service Manager, ServiceNow, PYTHEAS, ISILOG, iTop, GLPI and new integrations are added on a regular basis. Access the ticket history associated with alerts and enhance your team’s knowledge level by leveraging your ITSM software.


Hypervision and Third Party-2

Keeping your monitoring configuration up to date is crucial for IT Ops teams

Changes in IT occur often and resources are created automatically in response to uncontrolled requests so many companies have implemented DevOps processes. With EV Observe’s API Web Services you can address the critical issue of “always up-to-date monitoring” with the automatic creation, modification, and deletion of components. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our consultants and partners to properly set up your configuration supervision to save time and money.


Hypervision and Third Party-3

EV Observe provides timely communication to your clients and internal teams

With the EV Observe web links you can distribute the dashboards on any digital channel (corporate intranet, remote desktops, etc.) and communicate the weather forecast for information services and the health status of a location in real time.

View the services weather and related messages on your organization’s intranet, whether you are using Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress, Joomla or another solution. Leverage the numerous templates provided by EV Observe to simplify and accelerate implementation of the messaging solutions.


Hypervision and Third Party-4

Automate your IT Operations

Schedule automatic processes within your IT environment like the shutdown of servers for nightly restarts, the shutdown of hypervisors as part of energy saving plans, and data processing to shutdown additional services. Manage the maintenance of these processes with EV Observe API Web Services and limit false positives related to communication failures between teams and measure the availability of computer applications in real-time.


Hypervision and Third Party-5

Expand the scope of your collection

Collection is a fundamental step in the monitoring process as without discovery there is no ability to monitor, correlate or measure performance. EV Observe takes a holistic approach to discovery that includes:

  • Mastery of the service catalogue to guarantee the relevance of the discovery
  • Development of generic models to incorporate new products quickly and without code
  • Support of Nagios-compatible collection programs
  • Collection of data from other monitoring software to promote hypervision scenarios

Do you have a specific supervision and collection requirement? If so, just let us know your unique needs and we can develop the appropriate model.


Hypervision and Third Party-6

Data Consumption

The data collected and the information produced by EV Observe are quite valuable for your business. With the EV Observe API Web Services you can incorporate them into your existing data warehouses and produce reports.

Do you want to use EV Observe information in your own Business Intelligence solution? Do you want to automate the synchronization of the monitoring with your CMDB? With the EV Observe Web Services API, there are no limits to the realization of your business scenarios.


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