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Dramatically reduce requests and increase user satisfaction by empowering users to solve their own issues with our innovative self-help solution.

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Harness the power of self healing end-to-end proactive service management with our process automation technology.


Proactively prevent downtime with our proven AIOps for a 360-degree remote monitoring experience.


5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk

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ITSM for the Public Sector

Deliver and Support Technology Services as Unique as the People You Serve

High expectations, tight budgets, varied user types, and constant interaction make public sector ITSM a particular challenge. Between restrictions, compliance demands, and user needs, delivering quality service requires efficient management of all users and assets. And that requires bringing them all into one, cohesive platform.

EasyVista's streamlined capabilities help you deliver on all expectations and keep costs down. Execute complicated tasks — from procurement to request management — in a simple, straightforward way. 

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Customer Success Story

Washington Department of Corrections Extends Critical IT Support for 9,500 Users

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Reduce Cost and Complexity of Service Delivery and Support

Public sector processes can be unwieldy if you don't have the right tools. Fortunately, the details of procurement processes and the complicated nature of asset and financial management are part of EasyVista's expertise. We've worked with many public sector customers dealing with these tight restrictions and details. And we've designed a platform that makes the complicated simple.


Centralize and Configure

Meeting public sector demands such as ease of use, flexibility, and lower TCO requires both centralization and configuration. EasyVista Service Manager lets you pull multiple teams and departments into the same environment with a high level of process automation. But role-based support also lets you offer every agency or department the opportunity to control their look, feel, and automation choices.


Elevate the Self-Service Experience

Enable your constituents and government users. Our codeless UI and service design engine lets you offer self-service on any device. With custom-built portals and apps, users can access them from anywhere. Enhanced communication and simpler service request management has never been this easy to use and deliver.

Simplify IT Service Management by making it easier to deliver and use.

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