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5 Essential Steps to Modernize Your Service Desk

Ready to take your service desk from stone age to space age? 

Digital transformation is a must for companies looking to grow in a post-covid landscape. Yet research reveals that just 16% of executives say their company’s current digital transformation efforts are succeeding.1   

At the same time, 61% of organizations were already seeing an increase in the volume of support cases pre-COVID, which was trending up year-over-year.2 This means that in the wake of the pandemic, there are more support desk tickets now than ever while agents are simultaneously juggling digital transformation efforts.  

So how can you ensure the success of your over-stressed service desk? 

By working smarter, not harder and modernizing your service desk.  

This informative guide will walk you through the five essential steps to a modern service desk, including: 

  • Mapping the customer journey and creating a knowledge management strategy that works 
  • Automating knowledge sharing and workflows 
  • Implementing AI technology and virtual agents 
  • Introducing a multiexperience interface  
  • Creating a people-focused initiative in a digital-first world 
  • And more! 

Download this free 5-step guide to learn how you can streamline processes and modernize your service desk today! 

1 McKinsey Research, Welcome to the Digital Factory: The Answer to How to Scale Your Digital Transformation, Somesh Khanna, Nadiya Konstantynova, Eric Lamarre, Vik Sohoni, 24 May 2020  

2 HDI, EasyVista, The ROI of Shift-Left: Optimizing Service Desk Costs with Self Help 

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