Service Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management

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EasyVista’s Service Portfolio Management capability provides full IT service lifecycle management, from service creation, to service availability through the Service Catalog, to end-of-life.

Service Creation

Create services based upon pre-defined and custom features and functions through EasyVista’s fully integrated Service Portfolio Management design tool, allowing you to create services more easily than using a CMDB alone.

Service Catalog

With EasyVista’s Service Portfolio Management capability, it’s easy to move newly created IT services into the IT Service Catalog and quickly make them available to your users, without needing to recreate any underlying business or technical logic. Each IT service available through the IT service catalog can be characterized by technical and business attributes—creating a richer service definition.

We provide wizards to help manage the service portfolio lifecycle, including ordering, implementation, and delivery:

  • New change requests
  • Impact assessment
  • Simulation of availability
  • Compatibility detection

Each defined IT service is linked to the full EasyVista IT Service Management suite, creating a full 360 degree view of the service, including all incident, problem and change data.

End of Life Services

With EasyVista’s Service Portfolio Management, any IT service can be removed from active ordering status within the Service Catalog, either in whole or in part, to allow for the full shut down of delivery of the IT service.