451 Research Webinar Recap: Impacts of Mobile on ITSM & the Service Desk

The Why, What, and How of Mobile’s Impact on the Service Desk

January 4 , 2017 By Katie McKenna

Indulge me for a moment and raise your hand if you’ve seen an increase in mobile device usage for standard business applications (like email for example). If you’re anything like the 100% of audience members who answered “yes” to this polling question during our recent webinar with 451 Research, then your hand is raised high. There’s no question that mobile trends and digital experience innovations have permeated today’s enterprise tech... [Read More]

ITSM Ghostbusters

EasyVista & 451 Research Webinar: Arm Your Service Desk for the Latest ITSM Trends

December 7 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Today’s IT environment is a delicate mix of complex technologies such as mobile, virtualization, and cloud which converge to successfully deliver services. If we’re being honest, it can be challenging to provide efficient and superior service delivery in such a dynamic landscape. Unseen snafus happen, but these ‘ghosts’ can be proactively found and ‘busted’ to avoid interruption and disruption. Adding more pressure are today’s sky-high expectations. Thanks to the prevalence... [Read More]

IT Service Management: User Enablement & Adoption

Closing the Gap Between User Expectations and IT Service Realities

June 23 , 2016 By Arnie McKinnis

Welcome to this blog series – 10 Must Ask Questions When Buying (or re-signing) a Service Management Solution. If you missed the previous post, catch up with the link below. Question #1: How will service management enable my end users, and will they use it? Nothing is more important for IT than to understand user needs and create services which support them. The challenge for IT today is closing the gap... [Read More]

451 Research EasyVista Enterprise Mobility Service Management Webinar

Don’t Miss the “Service Management in the Mobile Era” Webinar Replay

April 21 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Tuesday’s webinar, Executive Overview of Service Management in the Mobile Era, featuring 451 Research Director, Chris Marsh, and EasyVista GM, Kevin Coppins, was a total hit! We knew discussing mobility in service management would be a hot topic, but registrations surpassed our already high expectations. With over 230 registrants from companies including Allstate Insurance, Dell, eBay, Ford Motor Company, Fujitsu, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, IBM, Loyola University of Maryland, McDonald’s... [Read More]

451 Research & EasyVista Mobile First Service Management Webinar

EasyVista & 451 Research Webinar: The Executive Overview of Service Management in the Mobile Era

April 13 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Selecting the right service management solution can mean the difference between achieving significant impact across the organization and getting stuck in the IT world of yesteryear. And there are now more factors and options than ever to consider while making this crucial choice. The rise of SMAC (Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) has rewritten the key requirements and criteria necessary for evaluation. EasyVista is here to help prevent costly mistakes... [Read More]