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December 12, 2013

EasyVista Cloud Users Get a Great Service

EasyVista Cloud passes 4 million user connections and success is the commitment to solution availability and capacity management of its worldwide data centers to deliver an unrivalled service.

New York, December 12th, 2013 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in cloud-based IT Service and Asset Management, forecasts further increases in Cloud connections as its strong management capabilities resonate with new customers.

Organizations seek cloud solutions to improve the productivity of mobile and global workforces and to focus on their core business. Despite analysts revising forecasts relating to adoption, it is only a matter of time before rates exceed 50%. The decision-making process, for these organizations, is often shrouded in uncertainty; is the proposition truly Cloud, is data secure and compliant, is service continuity guaranteed?

EasyVista’s response has been to address these concerns head-on. A cloud solution should deliver a service immediately and seamlessly, data centers need to be compliant and to guarantee service continuity a preventative (and proactive) management function needs to be deployed.

“The strategy, from day one, was simple - to deliver 100% uptime and availability we needed a failsafe management structure to support EasyVista Cloud customers and manage our global network of tier 3 SaaS Type II criteria data centers, all certified to ISO 27001.’ Commented Jean-Daniel Touly, CTO at EasyVista.  ‘EasyVista’s Cloud Management Centers (CMC), effectively the cloud NOC, are pivotal to guaranteeing a trouble-free experience. Customers favor our cloud solutions as the EasyVista expertise is proven for IT service and asset management and because our proposition has been developed on a solid backbone of local data centers and regional CMCs.”

EasyVista CMCs are located around the world to provide ‘follow-the-sun’ support and management of its data centers. This approach means capacity management checks are constantly made against application server utilization to ensure resources never impact the customer experience of Easyvista. Furthermore storage capacity and the network are monitored for faults and behavioral issues.

Significantly, to guarantee a faultless customer experience, 2 million page tests are completed every day on the platform purely as a preventative maintenance procedure, to isolate any potential issues before they become operational problems. 300 different indicators are also collected each day per platform to generate trend alerts and an aggregate view of usage by the data centers across all supported versions.

MyEasyVista, the customers’ window to their cloud ITSM solution, is the final component.  Providing real-time service impact analytics, activity monitoring, contract and SLA statistics, MyEasyVista uniquely reports uptime and performance status to deliver visibility and control to customers. With Cloud still an emotive business decision the transparency delivered by MyEasyVista will substantiate the original case for adoption and even justify the extension of EasyVista into Organizational Service Management.

With over 4 Million connections to the platform, EasyVista is today, arguably, the world’s second largest Cloud ITSM Company.  The failsafe architecture and consistent testing deliver a great Cloud service to all EasyVista customers and their end-users.

This cloud management rigor has seen EasyVista commended by Netskope within its Top 10 Cloud Providers Report; a report which assesses providers’ delivery of Cloud solutions, regardless of class of software. EasyVista was ranked 5th just behind Amazon Web Services and Salesforce and was the only ITSM vendor included.


For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing