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IT Health Status (Weather Forecast)

IT Health Status (Weather Forecast)

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Get an instant overview of the health of IT services or business applications, similar to a weather forecast.

The role of a CIO is constantly evolving with new technologies and the needs of ultra-connected customers who demand high standards in terms of the quality of the services provided to them. Today the primary mission of a CIO is the continuous optimization of applications to improve the user experience. Maintenance of these applications should be minimal to allow CIOs and IT departments to focus on the user experience.


Future-Ready Monitoring Technology to Take Your ITSM to the Next Level


Measure Application Performance and Availability

Where traditional monitoring software simply provides device status, application performance or resource usage, EV Observe delivers context-aware information and prioritizes impact.

The Weather forecast for services provides a true map of the services and hardware components that cause the identified problems:

  • Functional services
  • Degraded service
  • Unavailable service

By focusing on degraded or unavailable services, you can determine exactly where to focus resources to optimize the availability and performance of your information system.



Identify the components causing failures or performance degradation

This feature provides graphical modeling of an environment, and from the metrics, the identification of root causes in event of a problem. It distinguishes dependencies, establishes hierarchies, and generates reports highlighting any degradations, loss or unavailability of services.

The information system operator is notified in real time and can intervene before the situation becomes critical. It enables the operator to act proactively and focus on improving services.


Measuring is Critical

The complexity of today’s infrastructures requires an efficient working methodology to optimize the availability (SLA – Service Level Agreement) , user-experience (XLA - Experience Level Agreement) and performance of IT services.



Plan - Do - Check - Act

The EV Observe monitoring platform is a valuable ally in formalizing and monitoring the continuous improvement plan for your information system.



  • Identification of capacity, availability and performance optimizations
  • Setting strategic priorities



  • Continuous monitoring and validation of changes
  • Full traceability of operations actions



  • Real-time view of the system after intervention
  • Monitoring of changes in availability and performance



  • Validation of the positive impact of the operations performed
  • Definition of the following priorities

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