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Mobile App Monitoring


Monitor your system wherever you are with our mobile application.

Whether you are a manager, CIO or a technician, you can control, monitor and interface with your Information System at any time through the EV Observe mobile application.


Future-Ready Monitoring Technology to Take Your ITSM to the Next Level


Deliver on Your Promise

Use our mobile application to keep you informed of the latest problems and alerts (SMS, PUSH) while on the go.  You can monitor essential information on the health and performance of your information system, whether you are on-call or on the move.

Monitor your Information System 24x7
Your dashboard follows you everywhere!



Track your system's performance, even on the go.

From your mobile application, access all the elements necessary to manage your information system.

  • Dashboards
  • Weather Services
  • Push Notifications
  • Ticketing Creation


Identify performance problems

Closely monitor incidents via mobile and stay focused on your organizational priorities.

If you are notified a user service is down, you can immediately determine which component is the cause of the issue. The essential functionality to run your organization like manual control, acknowledgement, ticket creation, and maintenance are at your fingertips through your mobile application.

Stay informed on the status of your information system with real time of alerts through push notifications.

Create your own dashboard and select the most important notifications so you can focus on the most essential issues.



More than an application, it’s a productivity tool for MSPs

Manage your on-site issues while monitoring the status of the IT services you oversee when you're away from the office.

Proactively receive push notifications on critical issues or new support tickets assigned to you.

Save time by automatically requesting the electronic signature of the work order by your customer directly from the application.

With the Around me function, you can display all the companies/sites with their location and critical information, which is useful as final check before starting an intervention on-site, or at a customer's location.


Simplify IT Service Management

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Help Users Help Themselves

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Build People-Centric User Experiences

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