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Sherry Macias | November 17, 2015

EV Connect Launches, Connecting EV Customers and Partners Around the World!

Nov 4th and 5th were two of the most exciting days of this year, spending 2 days with our customers and partners in New ‘OAR-linz’ (pronounced as the locals do, I’ve learned!). We dined on the famous Créole Queen paddle boat and the next day was rich with invigorating presentations between customers, partners and EV executives, reps and product teams. All in all, we enjoyed very rich discussion. It was yet another world-class annual EV event with a record number of customers and executives.

Adding to the excitement that week was the launch of EV Connect, EasyVista’s customer community. Within just few days, it jump-started quickly with dozens of customers and partners registered and exchanging thoughts, questions, challenges and ideas. By the end of the EV Connect meeting onsite in New Orleans, there were hundreds of users.

Congratulations to Carl Cortright from Mission Health! Carl is an EV customer and EV Connect TOP HERO. He continues to lead the community with 640 points earned in posts! For his community leadership on EV Connect he was awarded a brand new GoPro HERO4 Black Edition Camera.

If you’re an EV user reading this now, be sure to register at EV Connect, start conversations and learn from others. If you’re not a user yet, join our community of customers now!! ;)



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Sherry Macias

Sherry Macias is a Silicon Valley veteran with years in executive marketing and communications working for leaders in the service management arena. Her passion today is exploring leading edge trends of service delivery through business apps to create a true digital workplace. She lives in San Diego where she continues her personal and professional aspirations… beachside.