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September 15, 2015

EasyVista is chosen by PwC in France to create its app store

New York, September 15, 2015 – EasyVista, the leader in IT Service Management and SaaS Business Apps, is retained by the audit firm PwC Consulting in France, for its project to create a customized App Store for their employees and improve the quality of life within the company. This initiative aims to allow teams to consume IT services within a catalog of applications, and present the services in the same way as those in the Apple and Android app stores, they use every day in their private lives.

Specifically, the employees of the audit and consulting firm will be able to order IT services via professional applications. They simply will download the apps with a few clicks by touching an icon on their smartphone or tablet the same way they do in the context of their personal uses.

With the App Store, not only the staff, but also managers will benefit from greater flexibility and ease of use. In fact, all users will have access, from their mobile device or computer, to a custom catalog that will reflect their position and responsibilities. In addition, managers will be able to subscribe to applications limited in time according to the application catalog. With the app catalog, PwC will be able to optimize its IT costs.

The increasing amount of equipment has made the task more complex for ISD in terms of management of requests, which are increasingly diverse and often urgent. The App Store will allow CIOs to focus on other activities.

Establishing an enterprise App Store for business, a single point of delivery of applications or IT services, managed by the IT department, is increasingly seen as a solution to satisfy employees. This new mode of providing applications offers the business user a familiar environment to learn easily and the ability to use applications verified and approved by the IT department. This means users will have access to user-friendly tools, designed to provide a quality user experience, and integrated in a homogeneous environment, orchestrated by the ISD.

About EasyVista

EasyVista Inc., a global leader in consumerized Service Management for the mid to large-sized enterprise, has more than 25 years of experience as a pure player in the service management space. EasyVista designs and develops innovative Enterprise Apps Store solutions, empowering organizations with the technology to deliver a wide range of IT & non-IT services to their employees, suppliers or customers with the same ease of use as a consumer Apps Store (Apple, Google, etc.) The company has a direct presence around the world with offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. EasyVista is quoted on NYSE Alternext exchange. For more information, visit www.easyvista.com and follow @EasyVista.

Media Contact:

Jamie Diamond,