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Benoit Tessier | November 08, 2018

How Aligning ITSM Strategies can Empower your Business and Drive Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is disrupting the way enterprises do business, and IT service management (ITSM) is a critical area to consider when developing the right digital transformation strategy.

Global IT research firm, IDC, predicts that “by 2020, 60% of CIOs will implement an IT business model and a digital-first culture that focuses on creating digital products and services that improve user and employee satisfaction. Business-oriented IT will take centerstage in [Digital Transformation] journeys.1 

Research Study: Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for DX.

Although organizations are already shifting towards a digital economy, many continue to underestimate the use of ITSMself-help, and knowledge management technologies for digital transformation success. That is why EasyVista commissioned IDC to conduct a study with real-world insights and recommendations to better understand how your organization can bring IT and the business closer together.

What are the challenges?

Many organizations don’t see their IT strategy aligning with their business goals for digital transformation, and face multiple challenges including the ability to provide engaging user experiences or the lack of skills and talent. The biggest challenge, however, is the existing gap between IT and business strategies, making customer expectations fall short.

The IDC research study, Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for Digital Transformation, provides insight on the most common pain points when beginning the digital transformation journey, along with how companies handle these obstacles and the top factors to measure the success of your digital transformation strategy.

The study highlights: 

  • Key points on what organizations expect from digital transformation  
  • The importance of knowledge management and self-help technologies for a better employee experience 
  • Recommendations on aligning IT strategies with business expectations
Download the full IDC research study today!

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 1 IDC InfoBrief sponsored by EasyVista, Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for Digital Transformation, October 2018

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Benoit Tessier

Benoit Tessier, EasyVista Director of Product Marketing, is an IT veteran with 20+ years of professional IT Service Management experience. He has extensive knowledge on process implementation and technical integrations, and has presented at ITSM conferences around the world. In this role, he helps lead the marketing direction and strategic vision for EasyVista’s services and solutions.