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Taking a More Proactive and Predictive Approach to ITSM


EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing


This acquisition is part of our 2025 strategic plan to accelerate growth and expand our product offerings, bringing an even greater value to our customers and partners.

Goverlan is among the G2’s Top 100 Best Software Companies and paired with EasyVista Service Manager and EasyVista Self Help, will develop our product capabilities beyond self-service and into self-healing technology, ultimately creating full-service support and delivery solutions.

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"With the acquisition of Goverlan we continue to grow our product offerings, providing more value to our customers, all while maintaining customer relationships and expanding in both Europe and the North America market."

Sylvain Gauthier, CEO and co-founder of EasyVista


"The acquisition of Goverlan will complement EasyVista’s product range offered to 1,500 customers worldwide, double our global installed base, and bring in talented employees – all key components of the 2025 strategic plan."

Jamal Labed, COO and co-founder of EasyVista


"Goverlan’s process automation technology and remote support access integrated with the EasyVista solutions will make it easier for IT to focus on the user experience and value streams, resulting in a positive impact on the business."

Pascal Bergeot, CEO of Goverlan

Achieve Greater Business Value Today and Tomorrow.

Goverlan's acquisition goes beyond product and market expansion. We want to ensure our customers' business needs are met through long-term benefits, such as:
  • Lower cost of support with an all-in-one solution to access most admin system tasks
  • Proactive approach through real-time process automation, resulting in increased ticket closure rate
  • Actionable analytics that allow smooth execution of complex tasks
  • Background systems management that offers exceptional user experience and minimal user interaction in the resolution process
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