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2019 Strategic Roadmap for
IT Service Management

Learn Why ITSM is Important for Implementing a New Digital Business Strategy

Digital businesses use technology to create value and business opportunities beyond traditional business practices, but when there is not enough foundation for a digital infrastructure it can be challenging. So how do you know where you stand?

Download this Gartner report where you will learn more about:

  • The current state of ITSM and its challenges for digital business strategies
  • Six areas to focus on in order to support these strategies, including customer-focused knowledge management and AI features
  • The prioritized steps you need to take to get there successfully

This report will guide you through creating the right foundation for your ITSM strategy so that you can support your digital business strategy through 2023.

Get your copy of the report today!

1 Gartner, Gartner Report: 2019 Strategic Roadmap for IT Service Management, Chris Matchett, Katherine Lord, Kenneth Gonzalez, Roger Williams, 27 August 2019

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