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Creating an end-to-end service management experience with monitoring and observability


EasyVista Announces acquisition of Coservit and its Servicenav technology to Extend Product Capabilities to create 360-degree monitoring


This acquisition is part of our 2025 strategic plan to accelerate growth and expand our product offerings, bringing an even greater value to our customers and partners.

Founded in 2006, Coservit's ServiceNav is a SaaS platform for network, IT infrastructure, cloud, and application monitoring. ServiceNav features a unique “IT Weather” report that gives insights into an organization’s overall IT health. This integration with EasyVista will provide a proactive and predictive, end-to-end digital service management experience.

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"The acquisition of ServiceNav will provide a holistic view of the health of our customers’ IT infrastructure, while our recent acquisition of Goverlan will give customers access to self-healing capabilities. We are pleased to offer customers these expanded capabilities including service delivery, support, and observability."

Sylvain Gauthier, CEO and co-founder of EasyVista


"Together with Coservit, we expand our talented team of cloud pioneers on the cutting edge of technology while growing our global partner ecosystem with over 1500 integration opportunities."

Jamal Labed, COO and co-founder of EasyVista


"EasyVista’s products together with ServiceNav’s AiOps platform, will provide an end-to-end service and observability platform, that is unique in the market. With several customers already benefiting from the product synergies, now we will be able to deepen our integration and expand our offering on a global level."

François Mateo, CEO of Coservit

Level-Up Your Service Support Experience

EasyVista and Coservit's synergies goes beyond product and market expansion. We want to ensure our customers' business needs are met through long-term benefits, such as:
  • Availability and performance IT Services through real-time monitoring, proactive and predictive capabilities, leveraging AIOps features, SaaS-native platform
  • Lower cost and increase quality of IT Operations thanks to an intelligent out-of-box integration to EasyVista Service
  • Up-to-date IT management thanks to automatic discovery updating the CMDB
  • Real-time communication during incidents for users, as well as effortless SLA measurementsfeeding long-term improvement plans, thanks to "IT weather" feature and dashboards.
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