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2023 SPARK Matrix for IT Service Management Platforms 

Get the 2023 SPARK Matrix for ITSM Platforms  

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global consulting firm, just published the 2023 SPARK Matrix for ITSM. The SPARK Matrix offers scenario-based planning, a visionary innovation framework, comprehensive research methodologies, strategic knowledge partners, and their primary USP to help client’s make the best choice possible on the correct ITSM enterprise solution for their company.  

In the report, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions identifies the biggest global contenders for the ITSM market, by covering 21 domains (including application development, cloud management, information security, IoT & Digitalization, and enterprise IT services), and provides useful knowledge for end users to understand which ITSM vendor best fits their needs.  

The report includes:  

  • ITSM market overview 
  • Matrix graph with all key differentiators for SPARK vendors 
  • Vendor profiles of every ITSM solution provider on the SPARK matrix 
  • Vendor evaluation based on technology excellence and customer impact 

Claim your free access of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2023 SPARK Matrix for ITSM today! 

Using Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2023 SPARK Matrix tool you will be able to: 

  • Find vendor limitations and strengths 
  • Assess the future roadmaps of ITSM market vendors (including their geographic location) 
  • Understand ITSM market growth (what’s important right now) 
  • How a vendor’s strategy aligns with your company goals 
  • Review what current and past customers have to honestly say about end-to-end service management solutions 

Download the Research

What to look for when assessing IT Service Management solutions 

As you begin to get an overview of the ITSM market to find the right end-to-end management of your IT services, you’ll quickly learn that there are many choices of vendors. Some will save you a few bucks. Some will look very pretty on the backend. Some will be easy to use and easy to implement. Some will be a pain to implement. No matter what or which solution you choose to go with, you need to understand what you really need your IT Service Management platform to do—the specific pain points you’re looking to address within your business.   

A few examples on how IT Service Management Platforms can help: 

  • A lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – Reduce your IT spending and meeting KPIs with actionable insights (save up to 50% when using EasyVista’s managed IT services platform). 
  • Decreased time-to-resolution (MTTA)
  • Increased in support agent productivity 
  • Decreased total time-to-onboard 
  • Decreased IT-related incidents and problems 

How EasyVista’s Managed IT Services Platform Can Help 

For EasyVista, we care about your digital transformation as a whole, not just the service you’re able to provide your users. We want to make sure your ITSM solution aligns with your business objectives, integrates with your current systems, and establishes best practices (11 ITIL PinkVerified processes). Digital transformation is about your entire company, not just the IT department, which is why IT maturity is very important.   

  • Improve business processes with a proven enterprise IT service management solution that’s easy to use and easy to implement. 
  • Our next-generation ITSM platform includes support for key ITIL processes, a workflow engine, notifications, and automation that make ITSM easy to deliver. 
  • Codeless UI allows you to configure portals, apps, and dashboards for anyone in your organization 
  • Let your IT mature, while you manage and design your IT processes (change, release, problem, incident, and knowledge) from one place 
  • EasyVista's Self Help solution enables you to deliver interactive knowledge experiences to reduce service desk call numbers – empowering support agents to focus their attention elsewhere.  
  • Deliver role-specific user experiences across your organization

Why use the SPARK Matrix? 

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix helps companies understand what ESM solutions will best fit their current systems, business goals, and budgets, without investing in a solution that doesn’t solve their problems.  

Does the SPARK Matrix cover solutions across the globe? 

Yes! The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix covers USA, Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, AxJC, Japan and China. 

What does SPARK stand for? 

Strategic Performance Assessment & Ranking. 

What is the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix? 

The SPARK Matrix tool by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ is a technology assessment tool with an ITSM market overview and vendor assessments, to help customers make informed decisions on enterprise service management solutions. 

Download the full report to learn more about EasyVista’s Industry-Leading ITSM Platform.


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, "IT Service Management Tools", Mohnish Rathore, 18th Jan 2024. 

Content Disclaimer: The content presented in this material is based on the (IT Service Management Tools) provided by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is an independent research and advisory firm. The information in this document is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice.  Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken based on the content of this material.