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Krista Lyons | February 02, 2024

Celebrate Earth Day with Green IT

As we celebrate Earth Day, the role of IT cannot be ignored. IT can make a major difference in a company’s sustainability efforts, and Green IT can help reduce carbon emissions at an individual and company level. EasyVista wants to lead the charge in creating sustainable, green IT.

Through EasyVista’s products including Service Manager to EasyVista employees, we have compiled a few ways to help the planet and promote sustainability. These include the ability to help users monitor energy consumption, understand equipment recycling, and participate on a personal level to help take care of the planet.

How EasyVista Promotes Green IT

EasyVista is leading the charge in Green IT, but what does that mean? Green IT refers to the ecological management of IT equipment in terms of:

  • Energy Consumption of IT Infrastructure: The hourly energy consumption and equipment usage rate inherited from the model;

  • Carbon Creation: The calculation of electricity needed for each piece of equipment and the amount of electricity that will create what amount of carbon; and

  • Recycling of Equipment: Contractor in charge of recycling, the equipment discard and recycling date.

IT equipment plays a major role in our daily lives. Whether you are working remotely or in-office, or are a hybrid of the two, your energy consumption can quickly add up. For example, think of the impact of each individual laptop, printer, cell phone, tablet, or other equipment. This all should be considered when thinking about environmental impacts of a business on the planet. It is not just nuclear power plants who have the responsibility to reduce waste and emissions.

Without the traditional model of the in-office only environment to create sustainability efforts, for example switching to reusable dishes or switching to energy efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning, businesses must take a deeper look at the impacts of their business model. One way to do this is by monitoring the energy consumption of your IT devices and maintain strict recycling protocols.

To understand how we are making this possible, the following three features are integrated into EV Service Manager’s Green IT features.

Tracking Daily Electricity ConsumptionChart, bar chart

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In the EV Service Manager Green IT tab, you can track daily electricity consumption in Kilowatts (KW). This information can be displayed by manufacturer, location, equipment type, or other parameters.

This is important because with teams spread due to Covid, it can give an accurate measurement of KW consumption that normally could be assessed in an in-person setting. This is a helpful feature for remote and hybrid teams.

Further, by monitoring KW usage, you can properly assess which devices are increasing carbon emissions in order to work to effectively lower them.

Estimate Cost and Electricity Savings

Understanding the current KW usage is helpful for current needs, but how do you assess whether future assets will impact your carbon footprint? The ability to estimate cost and electricity savings is just as important as the ability to monitor these factors on a daily basis and at the most precise level.  

In EV Service Manager, you can estimate your expected cost and electricity usage and can assess whether that will be higher or lower than current use. This is important in asset management and making sure you understand the impact new equipment will have on the environment.

Ultimately, this helps in the decision-making process because it allows leaders to see the bigger picture of possible decisions. This also helps with keeping in mind the cost to each employee working from home and what increases they might face in their energy bill as they change equipment, as well as the impact on the environment.

Equipment Recycling Process

If a piece of equipment is no longer functioning, your team should know how to recycle it. However, this process is different in every country and specific to your region, with each company using a recycling vendor of their choosing.

In EV Service Manager, you can customize the information of the contractor in charge of recycling and track the discard or recycling date. You will also be able to keep track of equipment that has previously been recycled.

How Our People Go Green

Green IT is only on piece of the bigger puzzle. In order to fullyreduce our carbon footprint, it takes participation at an individual level as well.

In celebration of Earth Day, our employees are sharing some of the ways they work to impact the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Here are just a few:

NAM-EarthDay2021 (1)

Get a Demo

Don’t let Earth Day be the only time you think about the impact of IT’s carbon emissions. Understanding how to keep your IT green, from the people manning your IT team to the devices used in your entire organization, can have a positive effect on the planet.

To learn about EasyVista’s Green IT,  request a demo today!

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Krista Lyons

Krista Lyons is the Content Marketing Manager at EasyVista and is dedicated to sharing helpful information and industry insights through EasyVista's website, social media, and communications. A graduate of the University of Tampa, Lyons has a background in journalism and communications. She enjoys all things tech and has a passion for reading and writing about artificial intelligence.