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Krista Lyons | September 08, 2021

EasyVista Has a New Look!

We are pleased to share some exciting news with you!

To signify EasyVista’s new era of expansion and development, we’re proud to announce a new logo and updates to our brand! In this post, EasyVista CMO Nancy Louisnord shares our rationale behind the updates, and what they represent for the EasyVista brand and community.

Why the New Look and Feel?

EasyVista’s core values drive us to continually innovate, and our logo and colors are no exception.

The new colors, fonts, and logo will help our customers, partners, employees, and industry experts see that EasyVista is on the cutting-edge of technology while remaining true to our values. Experience, competence, trust, loyalty, and originality are at our core, and we are confident that this shines through in our new branding.

About the New Logo

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A company’s logo is often the visual that people remember most about a brand, which is why we refreshed our logo to match our intentions.

 EasyVista’s new logo represents our commitment to collaboration through technology. You might notice the chat bubble in the logo, as well as the connectedness of the letters, which signifies the way we help connect users to a new way of work that empowers and augments the human experience using technology.

The modern lettering in the new logo represents our commitment to make IT easy as the needs of the workforce change. The voice of the brand will shine through our new logo.

What the New Colors Represent

Color is an essential element that defines a brand image. We chose the following colors for what they represent and feel they are an updated version as EasyVista enters into this next era:

  •  Blue symbolizes trust, confidence, and maturity. These will be the primary colors for EasyVista’s brand. 
  • Green represents quality, stability, and progress. This will be used as an accent color. 
  • Orange signifies energy, intelligence, and originality. This will be used for highlighting key points and CTAs (calls-to-action).

Over the next few weeks as we continue to update the brand, you will notice a new style to EasyVista’s images, graphics, and icons as well. The new illustration style employs a more mature and sophisticated aesthetic, while still keeping the playfulness and energetic feel at the forefront. The grain texture and imperfection of the hand-drawn illustrations add depth and charm to our graphic elements. 

We are confident that our new branding reflects the new era EasyVista is embarking on, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Share your comments with us via LinkedIn or Twitter @EasyVista.

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Krista Lyons

Krista Lyons is the Content Marketing Manager at EasyVista and is dedicated to sharing helpful information and industry insights through EasyVista's website, social media, and communications. A graduate of the University of Tampa, Lyons has a background in journalism and communications. She enjoys all things tech and has a passion for reading and writing about artificial intelligence.