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Nancy Louisnord | July 01, 2022

Why Attending an ITSM Conference Can Lead To Business Success

Did you know that attending an ITSM conference can lead to business success? As an IT professional, these cutting-edge technology conferences can be a great way to learn about new topics and expand your knowledge. But that’s not the only benefit of attending an IT conference! Let’s take a closer look at everything you can accomplish for your business by attending an IT conference, starting with our very own EasyVista team’s recent experience attending Pink Elephant 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


ITSM Conferences Are Great For Networking

As an IT professional, it's important to network at industry events so that you can build relationships with others in the field who share similar interests as well as learn about new products and services. So far this year, the EasyVista team has attended many IT and Tech trade shows around the world including SupportWorld Live, Digital Enterprise Show, Pink Elephant, and MSP Expo. One of the main takeaways our team always shares is how many great people they meet in the exhibit hall or on the way to educational sessions.

Professional Development and Education Are Key

Technology changes fast, and it's hard to keep up with all the new trends, products, and services coming out. Attending an IT conference can give you a sense of where things are going in this rapidly evolving industry. You'll also get a chance to ask questions of some of these experts and find out what they think is essential on a personal level—a perspective that's often lost when you're just looking at numbers from afar. 

For example, Jon Ryman of EasyVista presented an educational session at Pink22 focused on process automation for shift-left. Learning from the experts is foolproof to ensure you use the most effective methodologies in your organization’s day-to-day processes.

Explore the Exhibit Hall to Find The Best ITSM Tools

One of the most fun parts of any trade show is the expo hall. Who doesn’t like free swag or seeing the fun booth designs!? On top of that, product demos in exhibitor booths at ITSM trade shows help to provide a first-hand experience of new IT tools. Talking to exhibiting companies is a great way to meet with product experts to answer your questions.

This year, EasyVista debuted a “refreshing” new take on our booth design. While we all love working in IT, there are sure to be some lemons headed your way. We’re here to help you turn those lemons into lemonade! If you see us at an IT conference this year be sure to ask for one of our limited-edition koozies or lemon stress balls after your free product demo.

See You Soon!

Attending an IT conference can be a great investment in your career and your business. We look forward to seeing you in the expo hall or presenting at future IT events! Of course, if you can’t wait until then, you can always contact our team directly to answer any questions about how to make IT easy.

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Nancy Louisnord

Nancy Louisnord is the Chief Marketing Officer of EasyVista, responsible for the company’s global and regional marketing programs and product marketing strategy. She has more than 14 years of global leadership experience in the ITSM software industry, bringing numerous software companies into new markets. She is a sought-after presenter at conferences and contributor to several leading industry publications. Before joining EasyVista, Louisnord served in leadership roles with TOPdesk and Daffodil Consulting. In addition to her expansive experience in the B2B software industry, she has a proven record of creating and executing digital marketing strategies and improving the customer service experience.