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Nancy Louisnord | April 28, 2022

Quiz: Which Service Desk Avenger Are You?

IT people are superheroes. You keep the business running every day, continually putting in work that feels invisible to some but is the lifeblood of any company. Much like Spider-Man flies under the radar as just a regular person, you do the same. With that in mind, we have created a quiz to help you figure out which IT Avenger you are: Manager Thor, Agile Spiderman, Techy Iron Man, or Hardworking Captain America. 

Question 1: How do you feel about leading an ITIL Change Advisory Board?

  • A. I bring down the hammer! I make sure the CAB knows who’s boss and love a good change.
  • B. I go with the flow and if they need my help, they’ll ask.
  • C. I will lead the team if I we’re changing to implement flashy new tech.
  • D. I love being part of the CAB, and I will follow any rules they set out for me.

Question 2: Oh no! The IT infrastructure has issues that are rippling out and causing mayhem! What do you do? 

  • A. I draw inspiration from the heavens and bring down my wrath on the root cause using my own problem-solving techniques.
  • B. I surround the problem and try to contribute to the team to fix it.
  • C. I look at AIOps and other machine learning tools and run root cause analysis from the start.
  • D. I seek out the problem and apply new rules so we can never encounter the issue again.

Question 3: Complete this sentence: IT helps those who help ________. 

  • A. Their team (and work family)
  • B. Make feedback loops
  • C. Themselves with self-help technology
  • D. The business the most

Question 4: What’s the most important technology for an IT department?

Question 5: Which service desk customer is your supervillain?

  • A. The trickster who downloads pranks on computers (which then causes issues)
  • B. The person who takes their laptop to the beach and gets sand in the keyboard
  • C. The one who denies updates and refuses to adopt new tech
  • D. The person who ices you out of being able to help them

The Results!  

Now that you’ve answered these five very scientific questions, take a look at your answers. If you answered: 

Mostly A’s: Manager Thor

 You know when it’s right to bring down the hammer, but you also know a thing or two about keeping things light and problem solving for the collective good of the team. You value technology that keeps your team organized, and you are always there for anyone who needs help.   

Mostly B’s: Agile Spider-Man

Your quick wit makes you a favorite co-worker, and your ability to work in an agile way. Your team can always count on you to attack a problem from multiple angles but to stay flexible enough to solve problems as they arise. You value technology that improves communication and makes you feel connected to your team and your customers.   

Mostly C’s: Techy Iron Man

Just like Tony Stark, you know the value of technology and the role it can play in changing every day life for your company. You don’t shy away from putting technology to work to help you lead, and people look to you to learn about new ways to make their workday easier. Your snarkiness is endearing and you are a natural leader.  

 Mostly D’s: Hardworking Captain America

Like Captain America, you value structure, teamwork, and rules. You keep ITIL courses and guides bookmarked and uses them as your guiding light. Your team knows they can rely on you for anything they need. You are a problem-solver and are naturally charismatic.  

Think we read you completely wrong? Share this quiz with a friend to find out!  

While you’re here, check out our guided tour here 

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Nancy Louisnord

Nancy Louisnord is the Chief Marketing Officer of EasyVista, responsible for the company’s global and regional marketing programs and product marketing strategy. She has more than 14 years of global leadership experience in the ITSM software industry, bringing numerous software companies into new markets. She is a sought-after presenter at conferences and contributor to several leading industry publications. Before joining EasyVista, Louisnord served in leadership roles with TOPdesk and Daffodil Consulting. In addition to her expansive experience in the B2B software industry, she has a proven record of creating and executing digital marketing strategies and improving the customer service experience.