Driving Business Value with Next-Generation Service Management

Drive results in a shifting landscape.

In the course of just a year, the expectations of customers and organizations have changed significantly.

In fact, according to Omdia, before the pandemic, digital transformation was progressing in 73% of organizations, if slower than anticipated. However, 60% of those initiatives were wholly internal, with just 14% focusing on customer services and the remaining 26% still in the planning stages.1 But where digital transformation was once a luxury, it quickly became a necessity during the pandemic, with the focus on driving change and redefining value.

As we shift our way of thinking and see a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s time to ask ourselves what’s next and to think about the tools that will help get us there.

Download the HDI trend report, Driving Business Value with Next-Generation Service Management sponsored by EasyVista, where we’ll explore four fundamental considerations as we look to the future for support organizations and service management, including:

  • The shifting landscape of expectation and value
  • The role and relevance of service and support in 2021
  • Next-generation service management
  • Enabling next-generation service management

Download this complimentary trend report to learn how to put next-generation service management to work in your organization to drive business change today! 

1 HDI Trend Report, Driving Business Value with Next-Generation Service Management, Sponsored by EasyVista

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