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Webinar Replay:
How ITSM Paves the Way for
Digital Transformation

Recommendations to Transform Service in Your Organization

Wondering how successful organizations take advantage of technology to transform their service? Watch EasyVista’s Senior Vice President, John Prestridge, and a top Research Analyst from global IT research firm, IDC, in this 50-minute webinar where you'll learn:

  • The IT imperatives of digital transformation
  • What the DX trailblazers do to successfully align IT and their business
  • How misaligned ITSM is impacting speed, efficiency, security and customer experience
  • How to gain a better understanding of the technologies that can help transform service (i.e. knowledge, AI, chatbots, and self-help)

Discover what your peers are doing and what actions you can take to bring IT closer to your business’ needs.


ArchanaArchana Venkatraman
Research Manager, IDC 


SVP of North America and CMO, EasyVista

1 IDC InfoBrief sponsored by EasyVista, Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for Digital Transformation, October 2018

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