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IDC Research:
Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for Digital Transformation

How Business Agility & Employee Experience Help Achieve Digital Transformation 


Businesses are shifting towards a digital economy where continuous innovation, unified teams, and rich user experience play a big part1. Although a large number of organizations believe IT to be crucial for their digital transformation, many underestimate the use of ITSM, self-help, and knowledge management technologies when achieving it2 

This complimentary study outlines the challenges organizations face when trying to adopt a digital transformation strategy, and how knowledge plays a critical role in improving the overall employee experience.     

This research study highlights: 

  • Key points on what organizations expect from digital transformation  
  • The importance of knowledge management and self-help technologies to employee experience 
  • Actionable recommendations on aligning IT strategies with business expectations  

Download this complimentary
research study to better understand how your organization can bring IT and the business closer together. 


1,2  IDC InfoBrief sponsored by EasyVista, Aligning IT Strategies with Business Expectations for Digital Transformation, October 2018 

Download the Research: