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Doubling Down on Digital Transformation:

Why Modern Service Management is the Answer to Creating Value Now & in the Future

Move Beyond Pandemic Response to Recalibration and Reignition

Post-pandemic, the future of digital transformation is looking bright. Over 60% of organizations are shifting or increasing their technology spend to pivot toward the digital future. Despite this digital boom, only 26% of organizations can demonstrate meaningful returns on digital transformation investments.1

For IT and business leaders, this change in spending creates a unique opportunity to re-think service management strategies and move to introduce more modern capabilities that speed up business value delivery while empowering employees. However, these changes may also mean your team is feeling overworked and stretched to the limit.

This complimentary IDC research study highlights the ways service management can be the bridge that links external-facing innovation and internal operations.

This research study highlights: 

  • The most important KPIs for digital transformation success
  • The role of automation in service management for the digital era
  • Insights from the field
  • And more!

Download IDC's research study to better understand how to reignite and recalibrate to align business and IT.

1 IDC Infobrief sponsored by EasyVista, Doubling Down on Digital Transformation: Why Modern Service Management is the answer to Creating Value Now and In the Future

Download the Research Study