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Lower Service Desk Call Volume by Providing End Users with Interactive Knowledge Experiences

IT is often a game of speed. The faster your end users get their hands on the answers and resources they need, the higher their satisfaction levels and the less of a strain it puts on IT departments. The key to achieving these benefits is through an effective knowledge base, but most end users skip searching through a static list of articles. Today, organizations need to focus on transforming the knowledge base into a truly engaging and dynamic experience. If organizations focus on delivering knowledge based on how end users want to consume it, then this will dramatically deflect calls to the service desk.


Watch this 30-min live demo showcasing EasyVista’s innovative new Self Help solution. We’ll show how you can create an interactive knowledge experience that simplifies access to the answers users need to help solve their problems on their own, resulting in benefits for end users and IT technicians alike, such as:

  • Reduced learning time for onboarding employees by 70%
  • Improved time-to-resolution by 20% and reduced TCO
  • Reduced tier-1 calls by 30% thanks to a guided support experience

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