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May 07, 2024

Bianchi Bicycles Chooses EasyVista for IT Service Management

New York (May 2024) - EasyVista, a global software provider specializing in IT service management, is pleased to announce that Bianchi Bicycles, a prestigious Italian brand with over 130 years of history, has chosen the EasyVista ITSM platform to enhance the management of IT requests and resources. 

This strategic decision follows significant growth at Bianchi, which includes commercial and operational expansion, new international branches, a new production site, and a global e-commerce platform. These developments have increased operational complexity, necessitating robust IT infrastructure and management models to support rapid expansion in a dynamic market. 

The adoption of EasyVista Service Manager, delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, is a strategic move to strengthen and expand Bianchi’s IT department during a critical phase of development. By implementing EasyVista's ITSM solutions, Bianchi aims to optimize operations and improve service delivery. 

Enrico Celotto, Global Chief Marketing Officer at EasyVista, stated, "We are honored to support Bianchi in its digital transformation. During this period of significant expansion, our goal is to equip Bianchi with the necessary tools to enhance IT operational efficiency and management, fostering the growth of this esteemed Italian entity." 

The EasyVista platform will enable Bianchi to effectively control and manage IT processes, addressing immediate needs while enhancing internal and external communication, asset control, and key IT management processes. 

Mauro Toso, Chief Information Officer at Bianchi Bicycles, remarked, "With EasyVista, we continue our digital transformation journey, crucial for supporting our international expansion. In a context of continuous growth and innovation, a comprehensive ITSM solution is vital for efficiently handling the increasing demands on our IT department. EasyVista's expertise aligns perfectly with our vision to enhance IT service delivery." 

The collaboration between Bianchi and EasyVista exemplifies how historic brands can leverage technology to thrive in the digital age while maintaining a commitment to excellence and innovation. 

For more information about EasyVista visit www.easyvista.com.